Hyper-pigmentation Removal: The “snow White Diet” Will Help You!

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what set you against pigment spots do tips and causes pigment stains remove

Pigmentation by “snow white diet” remove

We love the Sun. This very good us in very many cases. It improves our mood and makes us nice and Brown. But unfortunately everything has its price. Many people, he is even a bit too high. You will get long-lasting pigment spots on the skin. The perpetrators are our old friends – the ultraviolet (UV) rays.

This process is restricted, you can affect him and even reverse. There are many factors in addition to the Sun’s rays, which affect him. Among other things, this is the diet. Many of the daily consumed products contain melanin. They promote the development of colour pigments. But this we can accordingly exert a positive influence through an appropriate diet.

Remove pigment spots – so can do it too!

pigment spots removal beautiful skin tips

Hormonal reasons

By a diet we affect our hormones also in a certain way. Pigment stains are thus also strongly related. Not coincidentally, pregnant women have often much of it just at that moment of her life.

Hormonal inequality

pigment spots removal tips Hormonische reasons

Soy products could harm

If you want to rid of pigmentation marks, you eat better no soy products. This applies to all products that have been made from it, such as tofu and milk. Meat and meat products are not good for it.

Read the packaging instructions carefully so you can see whether soy or products of soy in any form in this commodity are not included.

Soy products are not recommended in your case

pigment spots removal tips and causes soy products

These fruits and vegetables you should better forget for awhile

For a few weeks, exclude the following items from your menu: carrots, peaches, Zucchini, red pepper, tomatoes, sweet corn and spinach. All of these foods have much beta carotene, which can also promote the development of hyper-pigmentation.

Fruit and vegetables

pigment stains remove tips fruit and vegetables

No caffeine

One other substance, the pigment stains the caffeine is negatively impacted. This is there in the coffee, but as you will be aware in the tea and cocoa. For a while you would have to refrain from also.

Better give up drinking coffee daily!

pigment spots removal tips and causes Caffein

The chemical additives

In the period of the “snow white” diet, you should eat as far as possible, prefer natural food. The chemical additives affect crucial and unfortunately permanently the pigmentation.

Chemical additives influencing the pigment stains

pigment spots removal tips and causes chemical additives

What should you eat?

About three weeks should be avoided on the just described formulae. The emphasis must be on other products which you can normalize the content of melanin in your skin.

The role of healthy eating

pigmentation removal tips healthy eating

Milk and vegetables

Many worthy and well-known ladies in milk have bathed since ancient times. You don’t have to do that. However, you should be drinking more of it. The vegetables that you eat, include broccoli, cabbage, garlic, onion. Eat grapes and apples as much as you want. Eggs are also very healthy for this purpose.

Milk and milk products

pigment spots removal tips and causes milk products

These products have a good combination of zinc, copper, iron, and sulfur, which thoroughly promotes the production of melanin. All of these products but lose their effect when they are processed thermal.

Whole wheat

Incorporate more whole grains into your menu. The unrefined flour products have a positive influence on the disappearance of the pigmentation.

Eat only Vollkornbrott

pigmentation removal tips and causes whole grain products

Fruits with vitamin C

Serotina and also the citrus fruits have very rich in vitamin C. This also helps to improve the skin pigmentation.

Vitalin C for beautiful skin

Two vitamins play an important role in fighting the hyper-pigmentation. These are PP and E. The first makes the skin to the ultraviolet rays resistant. It is abundant in fish and liver. Vitamin E is very important for the regeneration of the skin. You reach a uniform complexion without his help. They find a lot in the almonds and walnuts in the vegetable oils and leafy vegetables.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin c.

pigment spots removal tips and causes vitamin C# what will you against pigment stains do tips and causes vitamin c


A positive help in the fight against the pigmentation also offers a range of spices. Include cinnamon, vanilla and clove.

Adhere to all these instructions for a few weeks and evade the Sun. All pigment stains fade and disappear.

Cinnamon, vanilla and clove are among the spices, which remove pigment spots

pigment spots removal tips and causes spices

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