Icon Candles – Elegant Decoration Ideas Of Covers Home

beautiful decorating purple candle candles

The symbol candle: History and meaning

When and how the candles are created, represents one of the most mystical questions, which can be at all. There are many legends and descriptions in the occult images. But can be only theories from it, unless it is clearly demonstrated.

Green candles can give a fresh touch to your home

symbol candles light green stylish decoration home

There are also cool DIY ideas

symbol candles wonderful DIY ideas

One thing is sure. Small candles and oil lamps were used in the early centuries as a principal means for lighting. The candle was much more than a practical item symbol.  She was very much in use in magic rituals. Their Mystic character was perceived on the one way or another in the religion. That’s why candles are an integral part of all the Christian ceremonies.

The magic and the candles in everyday life

In everyday life, the candles are also a symbol, the calm and the serenity. They also stand for romantic mood and the need to have more mystique and magic in an any area of life. The flame has a very important meaning. You standing around for the invisible forces within us, and also to us. It is whether we said got it or not, seem to understand all this in our subconscious. How do you explain the fact that we all whisper to just the candles our desires are otherwise.

In addition, illuminate the atmosphere through stylish candles

symbol candles elegant decoration home

Candles in light shades are stylish decoration

symbol candles beautiful Decorating Interior ideas

Candles can be sufficient for the decoration of the room if they are appropriate

symbol candles decoration ideas

The symbol candle

When the flowers one combines the colors with specific symbolism. White stands for the spiritual renewal and rebirth. In times in which lack of hope, you should keep such ready. Is purple as a desire for financial success. You thus make it easier to overcome all challenges. The blue and silver candles stand for healing and wisdom. Green is a symbol of vitality, of the surplus, of happiness and harmony from the candles. You should light yellow candles before the exams. Also encourage your intellectual skills, if you would have to make an important decision. Red candles are the best idea, if you want to have a romantic mood. They stand for the passion and the sexual vigor.

Easter decor with white candles

symbol candles white candles Easter decor

Candles in tree bark

beautiful decorating candles tree bark roses

Green candles and make peace with it

beautiful decorating green candles flame

Red candles are a symbol of passion

beautiful decorating red candle romantic

A spectacular candle

symbol candles Halloween candle beautiful decorating

An attractive candle holder

beautiful decorating white candles wood

Candles can contribute to the creation of romance. Especially in combination with roses!

beauty decorating white candle rose

Unique decoration with candles

beautiful decorating candles white DIY ideas

Candles in blue

beautiful blue candles home design ideas Dekoiden

Decorate the table with candles

beautiful white candles table decoration decorations

Candles in yellow with a blue stripe down

beautiful decorating candles yellow blue stripe

Yellow candle

beautiful decorating candles yellow candle

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