Ideas For The Modern Christmas Tree – Ornaments Out Of Paper

Ideas for the modern Christmas tree – ornaments made from paper

These ideas will cost you much money, paper ornaments. They need only your imagination and a willingness to make them. The Christmas tree can be decorated with paper hearts with small Christmas trees, creatures, snowflakes, and many other decorative figures – all made of paper. Have a look at these 15 ideas:

1.Christmas tree ornaments out of paper — you need only fantasy

Christmas tree ornaments from just imagination

2.Kleine paper figures

small paper figures tree

3.Weihnachtsbaum ornaments – interesting paper figures

Christmas tree ornaments interesting paper figures

4.Ornamente – ice cream cones made of paper

Christmas tree ornaments ice from paper

5.Sterne paper

Christmas tree ornaments star


Christmas tree ornament origami as flowers

7 ball with flowers out of paper

a ball of flowers paper

8.Weihnachtsbaum ornaments – small coloured lanterns out of paper

Own handicraft decorative Lantern

9.Weihnachtsbaum ornaments from paper creatures on it

Own handicraft decorative animals

10.ein star out of paper

Own handicraft decorative paper star

Heart 11.Weihnachtsbaum ornaments – paper

Own handicraft decorative heart

12.Blumen paper

Yourself DIY decoration style flower

13.Kugeln filled with paper ornaments as Christmas tree decoration

Own handicraft decorative text

14.Ein bird made of paper

Own handicraft decorative bird

15.Glaskugeln with paper ornaments

Yourself crafting Deko Glass Ball