If You Are Suddenly A Dipladenia Care Must

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Dipladenia depth Unschärfe violet

About the care of Dipladenia

Dipladenia is a really practical. You can these in summer in the garden maintain and then, when it is cooler, move inside. It serves you in the winter as a houseplant also wonderfully.


Brazil is home to Dipladenia (Mandevilla). It belongs to the family Аросynасеае. Some related species such as Mandevillaboliviensis and Mandevillalaxa are common in Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina.

The Brazilian beauty shows its splendour in the German countryside

Dipladenia flower

Find the right place for the plant

Like all heat-loving plants, the Dipladenia in warm places feels best. But she don’t like to be directly exposed to the rays of the Sun. In this case, their flowers grow waving and deformed.

Ideally, the plants in the shadow should be.

The plant loves heat and moisture

Dipladenia close

White or red, the Dipladenia embellished always your balcony

Dipladenia depth Unschärfe white

Well maintain the Dipladenia, then you will be pleased with their flowering beauty between May and September

Dipladenia depth Unschärfe flower

How and when flourishing the Diplandenia?

Diplandea blooms from early spring to the Herbstende. To decorate your garden in this period, with its bell-like flowers in pink, white, yellow and dark red.

What temperatures like Diplandea?

In the summer, Diplandea takes between 18-20 degrees C and in winter – 13 degrees C. She would freeze at temperatures below 10 degrees.

When should you pour the Diplandea?

Diplandea like wet earth. But, standing water is very harmful for these species. Therefore, you may pour not too often and too abundant. Provide good drainage.

The delicate flowers are indeed beautiful, but also very toxic

Dipladenia Rosa

The Dipladenia cuttings are an excellent gift for many occasions

Dipladenia depth Unschärfe flower pot

and a nice keepsake

Dipladenia deep Unschärfe full tone red

Increase the Diplandea

Diplandea spreads via cuttings in spring. The plant early February cut very low. So she developed green and strong at the beginning of the new vegetative period.

Pests and diseases

The plant is prone to tree lice and mites. Take measures against them in a timely manner.

Just ensure that your plant gets no aphids

Dipladenia red

Diplandea in winter

The winter bring the Diplandea into the House, or rather in the basement! Cut off the plant up to the neck. Leave the Diplandea in a cool and dry place. This should be at a temperature between 10-13 degrees. In March, they’re planting to the Diplandea. Move the plant to a brighter and warmer place. So she gets cuttings and they have something for their dissemination.

Caution: All Diplandea plant parts are toxic. The aroma caused headaches in susceptible people.

The winter is to take place in a cool and dry place

Dipladenia depth Unschärfe brush

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