Innovative Women’s Jewelry – The Form Of The Flora Collection Of Nervous System

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women's jewelry filigree silver foam flower coral

Women’s jewelry

Recently, we have encountered an innovative women’s jewelry collection on the Internet. The project flora form was born at the interface of science, technology and nature. We are talking about a 3D jewelry collection that enchants with filigree design and unique production. The magnificent creations include the American Design Studio Nervous System. The founder Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg work with a young team since 2007 in the area of the plant tropism. They study the generative processes in nature to the small detail and draw inspiration from the bio-mechanics of the growing leaves and beautiful flowers.

Silver tip and growing life

women's jewelry silver flowers set

Each piece of jewelry is designed using a special software. One after the other are filigree, delicate ruffles, curves and lace-like details. The collection consists of 24 new designs. It is working especially with nylon and silver. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are available in white, black, coral and silver.

The women’s jewelry by nervous system is a Masterful tribute to the miracle of eternal life to the biggest artist in the world – the nature. As was the case in earlier times rather, talking not a romantic approach, but a well-thought-out, scientific approach. Design and technology go hand in hand, to make a sophisticated collection of jewelry, which impressed with rational sophistication and natural beauty.

Harmonic contrast and filigree design

innovative women's jewelry necklace chain nature science

To get even the sustainable and ethical aspects. Nervous system specialists work with a clear conscience and their production process is as environmentally friendly and requires little energy and resources. The interactivity and scientific exchanges are also supported on a high level, by means of the developed software freely available. Because, in this way, you can build and create new designs and shapes.

Check the all women’s jewelry collection and admire you with!

Biomechanical perfection of nylon and silver

women's jewelry flowers growing filigree silver foam innovative

Sheer elegance in white

women's jewelry flowers coral white earrings

Meaningful in black

women's jewelry flowers black filigree

Wear unique Silver flower on the neck

ladies jewelry flower silver filigree innovative

If you are on high-quality, modern jewelry

women's jewelry elegant filigree silver flowers nature

Stylish Ruching and curved forms

women's jewelry filigree shapes silver innovative

White roses and silver chains

women's jewelry filigree necklaces flowers

Give nature and innovation in one

women's jewelry filigree earrings white innovative

And why not also a whole set of

women's jewelry filigree jewellery rings earrings necklaces

Discover the beauty of the details

women's jewelry innovative materials fine shapes

Unique and delicate like a snow Crystal

women's jewelry innovative technology delicate details

A special coral to admire

women's jewelry innovative modern nature inspiration

Or wear a finger

women's jewelry ring innovative materials filigree shapes

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