Kentia Palm – Exotic And Popular For Indoor And Outdoor

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Kentia Palm Beach sand stones

Kentia Palm – the most popular in its kind

We have actually no evidence for the statement above. But somehow we got this impression in recent years. It’s a wonderful Palm variety, which one could maintain at home absolutely easily.

The care that you must make for it, is really minimal and the results are fabulous. Their long blades rotate in all directions and are always a playful and great appearance.

Well, we must bring the objection in that there is in fact even more beautiful palm trees. But if you want to enjoy the main benefits of owning such a Palm and have not very much time to care, look at our pictures and read through the tips.

It can be that the Kentiapalme for you is the right place

Kentia Palm tree Aloe Vera

Growth conditions for the Kentia Palm

She should be issued to indirect lighting. The Kentia Palm would not very well thrive in other conditions. Watered it should every week in the summer. Can properly dry out the Palm between the different stages. Not too long leave the plant in the water. The Palm feels no longer very well below 12 degrees Celsius. The Earth must be fertilized quickly.

The pot mix for the Kentia Palm should be very well ventilated

Kentiapalme large leaves high


They should enrich it with fertilizer weekly. Use liquid fertilizer with a slowly unfolding effect.

Spread the Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm tree spreads by seeds. Under the local conditions she can spread hard outdoors. Inside it looks not very easily. Best, you should leave this task specialists.

A cosy OASIS seating

Kentiapalme green corner

Repot of the Kentiapalme

You should do this only when the Kentia Palm, if the roots of the plant are fully developed. Every third year the rule of thumb is. The rate of growth would be slower. Also, the plant will not die due to a shock. If you plant to take every time a pot bigger and higher. Attempt the roots to cause as little damage as possible.

Beautiful tropical garden

Kentia Palm exotic nature

Professional advice for the care of the Kentia Palm

We have some tips for you, who have come from experts. This palm species grow naturally with multiple trunks. You are crowned by magnificent, lush-looking leaves. There are two varieties, which are especially popular. It is the H. forsteriana and H. Belmoreana. H. Belmoreana is smaller and has erect leaves. A good fertiliser is of fundamental importance if one wants to avoid the yellow become of the leaves. Dead fronds may be removed. In any case, should the Kentia-Palme shield. If you do this, then it is doomed to death.

Also, it is important that you mechanical damage to the leaves of the Kentia-Palme avoid. In certain places, at home or in the Office, people with the plant again and again come into contact. You should avoid that if you want to enjoy the beauty of the Kentia Palm.

Green freshness in the workplace

Kentiapalme in the workplace

The Kentia Palm is so a strain which could adorn both the enclosed winter garden and the open courtyard in summer. They can enable them quickly in the warm months. If you however really enjoy their beauty from spring to autumn, you should maintain the same, above key rules. Above all, you should avoid that the Kentia Palm will be issued to direct sunlight. Also you should remember that the conditions outside are actually rougher than this out there. About the fertilizers together with the Earth would have to be much better selected there.

If you all follow these rules, the Kentia Palm will beautify certainly long time your home

Kentiapalme bamboo chair fur

The Palm is suitable for bonsai

Kentia Palm bonsai

Kantia Palm and design classics

Kentiapalme design classics Chair living room

Beautify your dining room

Kentiapalme dining room coffee table

The Palm is ideal even as a table decoration

Kentia Palm tree glass vase table

For true fans of Asia

Kentiapalme high Fawaz carpet Asia flair

A fresh-looking lobby area

Kentia Palm hotel lobby

Perfectly grown in the garden

Kentiapalme In the garden

A perfect green decoration for restaurants

Kentia Palm Restaurant

The Palm looks just as good in combination with fern

Kentiapalme combination fern

Spice you your reading on!

Kentia Palm leather chair Sheepskin

Colonial and Kentia Palm, why not?

Kentiapalme luxury Interior

Retro-style furnishings and Palm – a winning combination

Kentia Palm neutral colors living room

Perfectly placed in the hallway

Kentiapalme Office

Fresh plants in the Office

Kentia Palm Office plants

Gorgeous exotic

Kentiapalme Ocean Trand sky

Young and gorgeous

Kentia Palm Sun wood container

Lush, tropical vegetation

Kentia Palm tree tropical vegetation

Vintage and Kentia Palm

Kentia Palm living dog

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