Know A Decorative Plant That Shows Long Endurance And Has A Forgiving Heart

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Know a decorative plant that shows long endurance and has a forgiving heart

Today, it’s about a decorative plant with the rarely-used common name of cardboard paper Palm tree. The Latin name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It’s an exotic and yet pretty easy to maintain plant. She will forgive you if you add not enough water, or use as little fertilizer. She also has the advantage of being resistant to disease.

This decorative plant is hard to kill and can withstand Lichtlosigkeit, droughts and lack of love. It is in fact the ideal roommate, because she grows undeviatingly, endowed with beautiful, deep green leaves and will not even in the slightest conscience tell you, you should tear down once unintentionally a sheet you. The Zamioculcas loves it but, like all other plants, if you nice work around them and maintain good and proper. Gifts are you with rich, full growth, if you regularly water the plant, repot in late autumn or spring in a larger pot, and fertilize every month.

In large, ancient plant containers, the cardboard paper Palm tree looks more elegant

decorative plant in large clay containers

Follow these tips and you will have much pleasure on your Zamioculcas!

Learn more about the plant:

The “modesty” has learned this plant by the conditions in the dry regions of Africa. The decorative plant grows from a thick, succulent Rhizome. This forms the root system of the plant. He collects water and helps to survive even in dry conditions.

It is an Evergreen plant. It is e.g. to deciduous during dry periods. The leaves bowls is off and the plant “falls asleep”, until the water returns.

If the plant is small, then she tribes seeking upwards. However, you can create also the bending of it by certain actions. So, you will achieve an elegant decorative effect.

This works easily if the plant in a small pot is used

decorative plant of round crystal chandelier

As I already said, the plant is very tolerant of drought. However, you should never forget the irrigation or add too much water, because it can be destructive for the plant.

Never you should admit it, that the plant is soaked. Zee zee can tolerate even faint light, but you should place it on under no circumstances in a room without light. The tolerance to limited light does not mean that these are the best conditions for growth.

Luxuriously and dignified by Kathleen DiPaolo Designs

decorative plant on the side table from Walnut

The Zamioculcas can still very easily disseminated. You can do this to separate the rhizomes or cut the leaves.

Distribution by separating the rhizomes

Do this in the spring or summer. Note however the following: the plant grows very slowly and the disconnecting, you will get many individual small plant. They will need a lot of time.

Remove the decorative plant from the pot and thereby take as much soil as possible. Try not to damage the rhizomes and root. The plants must be cut off and not torn down. The rhizomes can be divided or cut. These will then be implemented in different pots.

Cutting off education increases the risk before Pilze-. In turn, this may prevent the new growth. That’s why dipping into one is recommended by some specialists liquid at night anti fungi. In this case, you should look for a non-toxic agent.

Dissemination by cutting off the leaves

Remove a sheet and place this in a moist gritty compost. Then, you must wait a few months until the leaves to produce of new tubers begin. It may be that the leaves can expire, although the juicy blow mold compost-shaped structures. These can reset you and produce new, small plant.

The plant fits perfectly too eclectic, or retro atmosphere

decorative plant retro radios of old roller containers

You can get the perfect appearance of the plant also this by wiping the leaves with a damp cloth. Use no glow products, which can destroy it.

A number of pots with this plant has an attractive, easy to pflegendes design. It will look in many years in the same manner and will request no repositioning in a new pot.

So, it’s ok to invest in new pots, and these will be useful for many years.

How can you order a Zamioculcas plant care.


The average temperature must be between 16 and 24 degrees.

Light: You should have either weak or medium light. Keep the plant away from the strong light, because this may cause damage to the leaves.

Water: Water thoroughly and allow the upper 6 cm of the Earth to dry thoroughly. The dry Earth will bring the roots to dry. With too much water, the leaves turn yellow and fall off.

Robust and friendly

decorative plant brick wall In the background

Earth: The Earth quickly drained themselves will avoid best destruction of the root. You could mix a part of all purpose mix with some sand or Pearl stone. A cactus mix works well.

Feeding: You do not need fertilizer. If necessary, you should apply four times a liquid, half half mixed fertilizers per year.

Humidity: Average humidity. Any special conditions must be secured. -.

Size: This plant grows slowly, but it can grow up to 1 meter tall. In their natural environment, she can be much larger.

Caution: All parts of the plant can be toxic.

Natural environment: East Africa. There, small plants at the base of the large may emerge in the summer. This happens very rarely in the Interior. You can keep the plant out, but only when the temperature is higher than 15 degrees.

Best you should maintain it a temperature between 16 and 25 degrees.

decorative plant winter garden with greenery

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