Low-calorie Food – Facts For The Cold Season

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low-calorie eating grilled chicken Orange

Low-calorie food – suitable winter products and ingredients

You can cook well, but you lack a little imagination, will and time, again and again to find new and interesting products? Actually you should have it from the market and offer in the lead.

On the vegetable stand, it’s always full of ideas. If you look closely, you would notice that other products are offered each season. You should be simply guided by the local offers, when you choose.

We want to make today your attention on some great products. You can ensure that you prepare a low-calorie meal that is specific for the winter. Are also tips that you can incorporate into everyday life.

Pomegranate and low-calorie food

low-calorie eating pomegranate fruit

Pomegranate seeds and baked pears

low-calorie eating pears pomegranate

Eggplant with pomegranate and thyme

low calorie eating Eggplant pomegranate

Pomegranates are super fit when it comes to low-calorie food. Especially the combination of sweet and sour is super popular with many people. Because this is a kind of emotion for the senses, seen in the winter. You can make a fruit yogurt from it, the pomegranates are also very suitable for many types of salads and other kinds of kalorienarmem food.

Fresh pomegranate seeds

low-calorie eating pomegranate seeds

Guacamole with pomegranate

low-calorie food guacamole pomegranate

Green Salad and pomegranate seeds

low-calorie food salad pomegranate

Low-calorie meal with cabbage

low-calorie food cabbage meat

Cabbage salad with feta cheese

low-calorie food cabbage salad feta cheese

Cabbage is also a great option for healthy and low-calorie food in its various forms. Many people avoid these vegetables because they underestimate its taste characteristics. Just the neutrality in taste helps it can create many great combinations. There hardly is a type of meat that tastes so wonderful. Kohl would be the neutral, right and healthy vegetable to do so. Because it is not difficult for the stomach, has great many vitamins and enough is healthy substances, at the same time neutral to pretty good come to the main product and its properties.

Steamed cabbage

low calorie eating steamed cabbage

Cabbage salad with green onions

low calorie eating cabbage salad scallions

Cabbage carrot salad

low-calorie eating cabbage salad carrots

Red cabbage, corn, and lamb

low-calorie eating cabbage corn lamb

Tasty tacos with red cabbage, corn and tomatoes

low-calorie food cabbage tacos

Citrus fruit as a suitable low-calorie food

low calorie eating citrus fruit colorful

Fruit salad with mango, Orange, pineapple and pomegranate

low-calorie eating fruit salad pomegranate

Schikoree, oranges, and nuts

low-calorie food Schikoree salad nuts

Citrus fruits should be used in this context on a case at the last point in this list. They can also be combined in varied recipes for low-calorie food. They constitute valuable sources of potassium and alginic acid. The effect is very strong and the combination with medications should necessarily be discussed with the doctor.

Tender meat on skewers with orange

low-calorie eating citrus fruits meat skewers

Orange Grapefruit salad with nuts

low-calorie eating citrus fruit salad

Fruit salad with citrus fruit and grapes

low calorie eating citrus fruit salad

Chicken breast fillet with orange

low-calorie eating chicken breast Orange


low-calorie food ginger pudding persimmon

Recipes for low-calorie meal in winter could be a wonderful occasion to get to know this great and exotic fruit variety and their properties. At the same time, they’re full of healthy substances. The persimmons contain many carbohydrates, sodium, tannins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron. They contain at the same time low in fat and proteins.

Baked persimmon with honey

low calorie eating persimmon dessert

Persimmon salad, beetroot, beans and pumpkin seeds

low-calorie eating persimmon beetroot pumpkin seeds

Green Salad with cheese and persimmon

low-calorie eating persimmon salad

Rukolasalat with persimmon

low-calorie eating persimmon salad rocket hazelnuts

Corn salad with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and persimmon

low-calorie eating persimmon salad tomatoes mushrooms

Cinnamon for great moments and low-calorie food

low-calorie eating cinnamon

Honey, cinnamon and Mint

low-calorie eating cinnamon honey

Milk shake with cinnamon

low-calorie eating cinnamon milk

Yogurt cake with baked pears and cinnamon

low-calorie eating yogurt cake cinnamon

Cinnamon Müsli with blueberries

low-calorie eating cinnamon cereal

If you want to receive the winter with a specific flavor, cinnamon is certainly the correct ingredient it takes to do this. Milk and cake are the best known of them. From all these, if they are prepared at home, you can make something low-calorie. So that the taste is not missing, use lots of cinnamon and some honey.

Bean plants as a basis for kalorienarmem food

low calorie eating beans

Also, these plants have a very good effect, particularly well suited for the winter season. Bean plants are especially suitable for winter recipes for low-calorie food because they contain much protein, zinc and iron. In terms of heart health, they actually are a must.

Colorful beans grains

low calorie eating beans colourful

Chicken with cherry tomatoes and green beans

low calorie eating beans chicken

Green beans and potatoes

low-calorie eating beans potatoes

Green beans with blue cheese and walnuts

low-calorie food green beans cheese nuts

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