Luxury With Gold Leaf Decoration – Shimmering Gold Plating Can Be Your Rooms Shine

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luxury MI gold leaf decoration Venice home

Luxury with gold leaf decoration – more shimmer and shine for your home

Gold leaf or gold plating, this embellished for thousands of years everything – from furniture to picture frames. Today, gold leaf can give a feeling of luxury from the old world, which is still modern – on pendant lights or cabinet doors.

The rich, deep gold leaf colour is the 70’s far from the gleaming brass, so experimenting quietly with this earthly metallic. Great, cool impressive pieces or some shimmering accessories look always nice.

What is gold leaf? Gold leaf is sometimes confused with sheet metal, but these are different products. Sheet metal contains thin metal plates (in any color) that contain no real gold. Gold leaf is made of real gold. In most projects, I use sheet metal from a metal in golden color, as it is very expensive.

The fabulous screen in this room is obviously in real gold leaf and he gives splendor of this otherwise calm and serene furnishings

luxury with gold leaf decoration screen in antique look

Gold leaf offers but also challenges.

Here we have a couple of chairs with gold-plated backs.

The gold brings a sense of whimsy and cool in this delicate area

luxury with gold leaf decoration with retro armchairs and Pelican painting

Working with gold leaf, but can be a big commitment. Rather start with something smaller to hedge.This huge, ancient, Ming-style coffee table was formerly made of teak wood. It was then carefully plated with metal plates. Packs of sheet metal in Golden paint and adhesives are sold at Arts and crafts store. But again – you start with smaller articles.

4 tips when working with gold leaf at home

Carefully choose the accents. Gold brings a warmth that back at the same time reflects the light and absorbs. Almost every room can have an element – drink table in golden color, gilt mirror or an antique frame.

This antique Italian mirror is a classic example of gold plating, which fits any style

luxury with gold leaf decoration of delicate mirror frame In Baroque style

This piece sets the tone in a modern minimalist room. In an eclectic institution it would be an addition.

Playing with scale. Gold leaf is nowadays in larger pieces of furniture to see how this Foyer closet. Gold is not overly available only on the doors next to the other objects.

This is an example of loose luxury that makes the room special

luxury with gold leaf decoration file cabinet and female statuetteAccentuate architectural elements. Select an architectural detail of your House that you want to accentuate with gold.

The gold-plated door frame in this image gets the central role

luxury with gold leaf decoration elegant door frame and white columns

Change the lighting in the room.

The gilded vaulted ceiling in the dining room is a rich shimmer on the furniture at the bottom by Leslie Hayes Interiors

luxury with gold leaf decoration candles chandeliers Persian rug

Ornate wall lights

luxury with gold leaf decoration-wall lighting

Dark shades and subtle shine

luxury with gold leaf decoration elegant in dark shades

Out of a beautiful fairy tale

luxury with gold leaf decoration girls room

Perfect also for the decoration of small specimens

luxury with gold leaf decoration for the small items

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