Magical Windmills For A Homely Home

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Something more well-being in your own four walls or romantic evening hours outdoors pleasing?

Think – candle light! Or even better – moody wind lights, which can be placed not only inside, but also outside on the balcony or in the garden…

It is precisely this desire and such romantic-mystical ideas that have made us one of the most beautiful Light cups by the creative designer from Stuttgart Gunda Loch guided. Magnificent, noble unicats of clay! Handmade so masterfully that they look more like fine porcelain. The wafer-shaped light cups resemble real ostrich eggs, and radiate timeless elegance and luxurious sophistication at the same time.

Light bowl white gold DAY AURUM_ 300dpi_Foto Stefan Fritzkötter

Mysticism and spirituality

With the help of just a simple tealight, each individual wind-light shell awakens to its mystical life… for light shells really have their mystical meaning and effect. An ancient legend from Hawaii says that the pure, original identity of every human being, or rather, of every soul, can be compared with a light cup. As radiant and immaculate as the innocence of a newborn. Indigenous people felt that we humans are not just simple creatures that may make spiritual discoveries in life, but vice versa. Every human being is a spiritual entity that is born on earth only for the purpose of learning and learning human existence. For this reason every child has a light cup, which his parents themselves have produced with love and patience. This light bowl symbolizes the clearest form of the soul of the child, which radiates with a bright-bright light.

Light cups wind light tealights beautiful furnishings ideas with light

Magical, is not it?

Inspired by this mysticism and spirituality, Gunda Loch also made her magnificent creations with great sensitivity and attention to detail. These are available in different sizes, in metallic black / gold or silver and craquelee white / silver or gold. Depending on your own taste and personal preferences, you can then combine the light dishes to your liking or use them as individual pieces for an effective view in your own home or office.

Lichtschale Night gold Photo Stefan Fritzkötter

Facetted and universal at the same time

The noble light cups are suitable as decoration accessories in almost every furnishing style. You can put it on the festive table as well as on the couch table in the evening or even on a small stool at sunset in the garden or at the pool.

Whether you are experiencing your original identity, we can not promise you… One thing is certain: your ambience will be much calmer, more homely and more romantic with lighting the tealight.

And who longs for a little more mysticism… gets this too – quite sure. Promised!

Light shell white XL

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