Magnificent Oriental Carpets For An Ultimate 1001 Night Feeling

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oriental carpets role ethnic pattern

About the oriental carpets and other typical signs of Arab style

You want a mysterious and inviting, as well as super exotic bedroom strongly? The Arab aesthetics offers you this possibility. Through them, they create but much more. They are given the conditions a series of positive sensory experiences. This is possible, such as typical fabrics, mosaics, low and very comfortable furniture by certain elements.

The oriental carpets are a part of this world. They also symbolise the tomorrow land. Topics which can be woven into it, are not infrequently even on real life stories.

Why not put them in the center of the Oriental furnishings of your room and spread the other elements in the room so that they correspond to? By the way, you will have pretty much freedom in terms of the individual institution. It not too strict rules prevail.

Refined atmosphere with Oriental flair

oriental carpets Golden accents mirror frame

After all, there are some tips that can help you potentially to achieve an authentic look.

Oriental colors

An oriental rug, as well as the entire facility of this kind are characterised by specific colors. Look at the examples and try to develop a feeling for your selection and combination.

Suitable are mainly:

All shades of pink;
All the nuances of Orange;
Rich red;
Combining the above with cold shades such as blue and violet.

Diverse variety of folklore patterns

oriental carpets folklore pattern colorful combinations

Would this seem a bit too crowded for your taste? If Yes, then we have a following advice: put on an oriental rug with these nuances and run the rest of the ambience in neutral shades. In order to ensure a smooth transition, make for other decorative elements, which correspond with the carpet.

The neutral background can be beige, cream and white

oriental carpets ethnic pattern red bedroom

In the bedroom

The oriental rug can define the area around the bed in the bedroom. We recommend however that you combine it with a typical piece of Oriental furniture. Oriental beds are especially romantic. You have a wrought iron frame and are covered with rich draperies and curtains.

Comfort in the bedroom

oriental carpets ethnic pattern large bedroom

Economical use

In any surroundings, the Oriental carpet in combination with two matching pieces of furniture can be sufficient to bring the appropriate mood. Her cool character fills the space enough and that’s why no other items are urgently required.

The lighting

Also matching Oriental lamps make great accents to an oriental rug, which was used as a central piece. You are also often made of wrought iron and bronze nuances.

Subtle colors and graceful floral pattern

oriental carpets ethnic pattern beige neutral colors

Eclectic living room furniture with an Oriental flavour

oriental carpets ethnic pattern cozy living room

Small Oriental Rugs have also their charm

oriental carpets ethnic pattern small designer seating furniture Chair sofa

Subtle and unpretentious with style

Oriental rugs carpet runners long pastel colors

Fabulous with magnificent floral patterns

oriental carpets ethnic pattern round Kunsstücke floral pattern sofa

Arab carpet art

oriental carpets folklore pattern filigree Persian

Natural inspiration for Persian art

Oriental rugs Persian floral animal pattern

Rustic and authentic on the market

oriental carpets geometric pattern ethno

Deep red and simple elegance from the Orient

oriental carpets folklore pattern Wintage facility

The timeless fascination of the Orient

oriental carpets carpet living room Oriental Interior

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