Make Placemat Yourself: Instructions And Other Ideas For Table Decoration With Natural Materials

The falling leaves are one of the greatest delights in the autumn and winter seasons. These can be used for wonderful festive decoration. How to make a placemat with leaves prints on paper, you will learn in the next manual. Then we show you many more ideas for DIY placemats Gifts of nature , They can be used for the decoration of the Christmas table. Furthermore, you can use it to spread the festive atmosphere throughout the year at home.

Such branches and leaves would be ideal for a placemat

table mat materials for the instruction

Materials for the placemat with a leaf impression

First and foremost, bring the materials needed for crafting from the placemat together.

  • A light-colored sheet in an A3 format: Make sure it’s sturdy enough to absorb the liquid. In addition, it should then be able to get its shape on the table for a long time;
  • Paper for a few trial impressions that can be thrown away;
  • Watercolor in a shade contrasting with the leaf;
  • Brush, plate or soup bowl;
  • Masking tape for the legal materials.

You do not need too many materials to make these placemats yourself!

brush and materials to glue

Plate for mixing the color for the DIY placemat

Experiment with the prints on a piece of paper to throw away

Placemats themselves make paper from newspaper

This is how you make the placemat

First mix a bit of paint and water. The result should make it possible to evenly stroke the leaves. We recommend some test prints on paper, which can then be thrown away. Then you can do some tests.
After a few impressions have already worked out well, you can start crafting the real placemats.

When brushing the branches, the correct consistency of the water color is important

Placemats make branches themselves
Great branches as a material for placemat

How to make the impression correct

Gently but firmly press the painted side of the branch or sheet onto the paper. Remove it immediately so that the image is not smeared. You can paint a part or the whole element. The imprint can correspond to your own ideas! Do not feel limited in it.

You can only depict one leaf or different elements and plants through the impression.

Not all placemats necessarily have to be the same. You can personalize them and for every single person something special do! That would be in the spirit of Christmas.

With a slight change in pressure and technique you often achieve individual results

Paint pictures for placemats great idea
A possible idea for placemat illustration
Several different sets with prints

The homemade placemats in the context of the table decoration

The placemats are of course an important part of the table decoration. Choose a color for the tablecloth, in front of which the placemats really come into their own. Maybe a neutral shade would be appropriate. Or a really bright one. Keep the rest of the table decoration in the same style! It could also be made by itself and mastered from natural materials. Maybe you can put a vase of already painted leaves on the table?

Depending on the combination with crockery / napkins, you will get placemats in different styles

Finished DIY placemat
Placemat itself make ready idea according to the instructions
Placemats themselves make ideas a whole composition
Placemats themselves make ideas table decoration

Other ideas for table decoration and placemats

Subtle vintage placemats and magnificent Central Turk

The table decoration with natural materials can be very effective

The decoration with a chain of green leaves

Simple placemats require a good selection of materials

diy tableplacements in pink

These great flowers could also be wonderfully used for placemats

Fragrant centerpiece with natural materials as a table decoration

Small autumnal leaves are often enough for fabulous DIY placemats

Simple homemade placemat with autumn leaf

Green and white are great colors for fabulous placemats

simple table decoration with a vase as centerpiece
Fabulous table decoration with vegetables
Gifts of nature table decoration Christmas
green gifts of nature placemats

You can finish simple rural table decoration with natural materials!

Autumnal gifts of nature table decoration rustic
Autumn table decoration with homemade placemats
Autumn table decoration with pumpkins in each plate
autumnal placemats idea

Let the placemats and the rest of the decoration match

Idea for rustic placemats
Little DIY ideas for Christmas table decoration
Small pumpkins as decoration for the placemats

Autumn decoration for DIY placemats

pumpkin idea naturalness placemats
easter table decoration yellow flowers
Placemat ideas with pears

Rose flowers for the placemat decoration

Brown-white placemats in a neutral decoration!

simple Christmas table decoration naturgaben
very simple and nice placemats with small leaves

Very simple placemat with imitation of natural gifts

DIY placemats are also a great idea for children’s parties!

Homemade placemats for children's birthday
Homemade placemats with great spring flowers
Homemade placemat for Easter with white and purple colors
Christmas tree Christmas table decoration
Fir trees and other table decoration in red and green

Christmas is a good occasion to experiment with DIY placemats

Christmas tree table top placemats
fir tree branches central piece for the table decoration
Table decoration in green with vases and other gifts of nature
Table decoration in white and purple with few natural gifts

Let the beautiful flowers steal the show in the table decoration!

Table decoration with big pink flowers
Table decoration with small flowerpots
Table decoration with artificial pumpkins
Table decoration fir tree branches idea
Table design with a few gifts of nature

Artichokes are a great decoration for the placemats

Elegant Christmas Dining Room
Placemats with autumnal prints for the napkins
Placemats with sweets - great festive idea
placemats and table decoration christmas

Slender branches from this table decoration could also be used for placemats

Great green branches table decoration
Great pumpkin placemat idea
Great table decoration for Easter or the spring
Great table decoration on blue tablecloth

The neutral table design makes the simple decoration come into its own

vases with green leaves - table decoration
Christmas placemats and table decoration
Christmas decoration with green and christmas golden leaves
Christmas decoration with fir tree branches and rosehips

Simple objects in the table decoration are quickly turned into an eye-catcher with silver and gold sprays

Christmas table decoration in gold and silver
Christmas table decoration with a central piece of apples
Christmas tablecloths green branches
Winter idea for DIY placemat
Zantral piece in the table decoration with acorns and other natural materials

With DIY placemats, you could create an exotic atmosphere

Zen placemat to make yourself
Centerpiece for the table decoration with roses and chopsticks
central lemons deco
Low key vintage set with flowers as centerpiece

The noble rural decoration is perfect for Christmas!

Branches in a vase as a table decoration
great room