Making Flower Arrangements By Yourself: The Basic Rules, Tips And Great Ideas

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The flower arrangements offer a diverse selection of different variations. Just take a tour of the different flower shops and you will convince yourself. Instead of buying them, however, you can make the flowers themselves.

It is by no means possible with a few instructions to exhaust the whole variety of techniques. However, there are some basic rules and tips that are virtually always valid. We will discuss these in this article and show you many different role models. Many far more You will find here , After the text you will also find some videos on the topic.

This flower arrangement is ideal for a modern home

flower arrangement monochrome design bastelideen

Make flower arrangements: The basic rules

Let’s start with some basic rules that you must adhere to when you make flower arrangements yourself. No matter which flowers you choose, these should be an odd number. Also, keep the flowers in lukewarm water for at least an hour. Best leave the flowers there for half a day.

Then you have to choose a matching vase, which will show your flower arrangement really well. If the stalks are well arranged under the water, the vessel can be transparent. If only the flowers should come out, choose a vase made of opaque material. This should also correspond to the size and width of the flower arrangement.

Small flower arrangements with strong contrasts are quite effective

flower arrangements themselves make different nuances blue

The different techniques

If you look at the wide variety of flower arrangements, you will discover some techniques that are repeated over and over again. Look for these to suit your taste, interior design and style of decoration. A very common strategy is the combination of monochrome flowers. One also likes to pair in different shades of the same color.

Another, very popular option is, of course, the contrast. The main part of the flower arrangement consists of green stems and plants. In between, you can put flowers with bright flowers that create strong, colorful accents. You can make such flower arrangements yourself if you want to achieve a solemn mood.

Finally, you can also add various other decoration – garlands, ribbons, Gifts of nature

This floral arrangement has been executed in a rural style

flower arrangements themselves make wood square

The practical use of flower arrangements

Why do you need flowers at all? If you create this yourself, this is of course a very great hobby. At the same time, flower arrangements are upscale decoration on any occasion. You can always use them as centerpieces on the table. You just have to choose the right colors!
With flower arrangements you can set accents in your interior design. You will have to exchange them after some time, and you will be provided with a welcome refreshment.
After all, flower arrangements are also great gift ideas, with which you can delight your beloved people with or without occasion.

Here you can see the materials you usually need to craft flower arrangements

to make flowers

With regard to the style, you can achieve different results depending on the flower, color and choice of technique. After all, you have to calculate that the homemade flower arrangements always give a certain feminine or rural touch.

Take a look at our ideas and pictures! These will hopefully give you courage and you will soon make your own flower arrangements.

basic flower simple simple
bastelide flower arrangements japanese art
simple flower arrangements
flower pots bastelideen for minimalistic design
flower bastelides white various green shades
flower plants green plant flowers
flower arrangements
flower arrangements make solemn mood
colorful flower arrangements make different colors
colorful flower arrangement of the vase
simple bastelides for flower arrangements
simple flower arrangements bastelideen
simple flower arrangements make purple flowers
exotic fruits to make flower arrangements
festive flower arrangement bastelideen light yellow and white
happy flowering self making ideas
green blue bright pink festive flower arrangement
autumnal flower arrangements
autumnal flower arrangement itself
minimalistic flower arrangements as table decoration
with twigs and flowers table decorations
knitted basket with flower table decoration
bright white table decoration with flowers
table decoration from autumnal flower crafts
table decoration
lush white-green table setting flower arrangement
vases with flowers
vintage flower set making itself

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