Mandala Templates – Vegan Art In The Bowl

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mandala templates Kiwi almonds

Mandala templates – the vegan project the healthy Bowl of Amalia buzzard

Amalia Bussart studied at the Art Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, when she started five years ago, to change their eating habits. She has completely excluded almögliche half-finished and unhealthy foods from their diet and became a vegetarian. Since then, she discovered the vibrancy and the energy that every day give her these products on new. Works of art in themselves are each fruit, each nut. So she started one day with the artful arranging of their breakfast. Every day the bowl full of healthy, vegetarian or vegan food looked different. She has found that she has even more fun eating this way and decided to share this great experience with other people.

Recently, she has published her project the healthy dish in the Instagram. It involves colorful, tasty mandala templates that created them with much imagination and love. As a basis, she used yogurt or vegan pudding and exotic as decoration and traditional fruits, nuts, coconut flakes, dry fruit, seeds and even pomegranate seeds. The Mandalas of Amalia are real works of art that tempt us to eat healthier and more consciously. Especially for those of you who feel the new year as the beginning of a new, healthier diet, the fruit Mandalas are a real motivation. Try it yourself! Decorate your food and enjoy it with all your senses!

Madala templates – artwork from apples, almonds and grapes

mandala templates Apple grape coconut

Colorful with blueberries, raspberries, and pumpkin seeds

mandala templates blueberries raspberries nuts

A bowl full of vitamins and love

mandala templates Kiwi dry fruit yogurt

Colorful breakfast mandala

mandala templates mandarins pumpkinseeds Kiwi

A delicious creation of fruit yogurt, almonds and grated coconut

mandala templates nuts Bowl almonds

Exotic and symmetric

mandala templates persimmon Kiwi yogurt

Mandala from persimmon, Blueberry and pomegranate seeds

mandala templates persimmon pumpkin seeds pomegranate

Latin touch with figs and pomegranate

mandala templates Bowl fig pomegranate

Nuts, dry fruit and shaving

mandala templates dish almond coconut

A sweet star mandala

mandala templates star fruit almond

Yin and Yang even hearty

mandala templates Yin Yang Bowl

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