Many Different Shades Of White

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There is a simple reason why white is the dominant color in many homes and apartments. It exudes sophistication and is easy to combine with other colors. That is why, for centuries, white has enjoyed a special popularity that never stops. Whether you surround yourself with a cool, pure white or a warm, creamy shade, this color will never lose its appeal. White can give a room a quirky look or make it look super modern. You may be wondering why a base color can do it all. We have the answer to this puzzle and these are the different nuances of this color. Scroll down and let the variety of white paint convince you!

For a very chic and at the same time classic look in the bedroom!

White bedroom

Classic white exudes style and cleanliness
We begin our overview of the white nuances with quite classic shades. Look at the chic, super clean and orderly bedroom in the picture above! This sublime look comes from the white color that the experts at Farrow & Ball All White (2005) call.

In order to avoid any monochrome, the white has been broken through discreet metal accents in this room and decided on black-and-white pictures on the wall above the sleeping bed. But that would not be all. Draped curtains in grass green and striking fur on the floor in the classic color duo black and white emphasize the warm coziness in this bedroom.

Farrow & Ball’s All White (2005) dominates in this living room

This living room is adorable, right? The white upholstery of the sofas and armchairs is skillfully paired with the graunuance of the walls, curtains and flooring. On this bright background, the graphic patterns on the stools and the fresh green accents in the room are striking.

Cloverdale Paint Standard White (CA025) prevails in this former conservatory


A look into the former conservatory of Princess Margaret Showhome is enough to convince us of the charm of this room. It has been transformed into a quiet retreat where you can enjoy direct contact with nature while reading. A tall ficus tree has been preserved in a corner of the room and it is in perfect visual harmony with the greenery outside in the garden. So you try to expand the interior to the outside. As we see, quite successful….

The following video informs you in more detail about the stylish home of Princess Margaret Showhome.

Cloverdale Paint White (CA025) for a sublime look in the dining room

White CA 025 sublime look dining room

In this elegant dining room, black lines, found in the curtain rails, chairs, mirror frames and chandeliers, create the frame that gives the pure white space a special appeal.

Behr’s Ultra Pure White (1850) emphasizes the rustic character of the interior design in this dining room

White rustic character room design dining room

But if you are not sure where and how to use the white color, get inspired by this image and try to think outside the box. Then you will probably come up with many good ideas on how to decorate a blank wall. The wheel of an old windmill makes a striking statement in this dining area.

A white interior is created using Behr’s Ultra Pure White (1850) in the living and dining room

White living and dining room a lot of wood large painting on the wall

In this chic living and dining room, pure white walls are the ultimate backdrop, where you can position a large painting or paint something very special. On the white wall in this open design concept has hung a large-scale, framed artwork that steals the show in the room.

How can white be combined well?
The answer to the question asked is: actually with all other colors and different textures! Let’s take a look at some examples of images that convince us of the correctness of this statement?

Sherwin Williams’ Arcade White (SW 7100) is enriched by pink and green accents

White Sherwin William's Arcade White pink green accents in the room

Do you think Sherwin Williams, Arcade White (SW 7100) makes the room walls look very simple? We do not! Sofas with finely patterned upholstery have been placed against this white background. More pink and green accents in the room are a perfect match and create a playful and romantic atmosphere. The firewood in the niche adds extra warmth.

Sherwin Williams, Arcade White (SW 7100) – the same shade of white is used in this Moroccan-inspired dining room

White Moroccan carpet

The same nuance of white we see in this stylish dining room. Sherwin Williams White (SW7100) combines chic furniture that literally adorns the dining room. On Moroccan Inspired flat-weave carpet with delicate patterns emphasizes the quirky look of the room. Discreet works of art and cool lights make you almost forget that the walls and the ceiling are white.

Benjamin Moore’s Ultra White (CC-10) makes an incredibly beautiful color duo with wood

Ultra white CC-10 a beautiful color duo wood modern kitchen

White can be perfectly combined with wood in all its shades. This is illustrated by the picture above. A clear white color helps lighten the look of walnut cupboards and accents in this modern kitchen. A brass chandelier over the kitchen island is the icing on the cake in this sublime setting.

Benjamin Moore’s Ultra White (CC-10) is likely to fit well in any kitchen, right?

Kitchen wood brass combined

We also see the same nuance of white in this designer room, where the kitchen island serves as a place for eating and chatting. Black pendant lights above are immediately noticeable and in full visual harmony with other polished elements in the room. This homely white color by Benjamin Moore (Ultra White CC-10) brings out the rustic accents of wood and brass.

In the following picture gallery you can admire more shades of white and see great combinations between them and saturated or neutral colors and varied textures. Have fun browsing our editorial office!

Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White (CC-40) radiates this rustic ambience.

Rustic atmosphere White light wood makes the dining room shine

Benjamin Moore Oxford White (CC-30) for a cool look…. Colorful decorative cushions and great shades of crimson and gold on the carpet crack against the white walls.

Decorative pillow walls white

Narrow kitchen that enchants – Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White (CC-30) on the kitchen cabinets and colorful runner in soft colors in a great combination

Kitchen kitchen cabinets white

For a look that’s soft and airy…

Living in Weiss ideas

Sherwin-Williams White Flour (SW 7102) comes to light in this living room

White wood stone wall

A modern, dramatic piece of art makes the room look fresh and warm

white walls fresher look living room

Benjamin Moore’s Simply White (OC-117) – the spacious living room shines in natural light

Living room with lots of natural light

Wood, marble and a lot of white in this kitchen….

Wooden marble plate kitchen island

PPG Tender White (PPG1001-1) and soft textiles evoke many travel memories

Delicate white textile living room

You would like to relax in this room, right?

White Benjamin Moore Cloud White (CC-40) Traditional Furniture

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