Marble In The House Use? -Not Always The Best Idea

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marble In the House using light grey shades

Use marble in the House? -Valuable knowledge with pros and cons

You’ll love its beauty and high quality claim, but the marble has also its drawbacks. Here are a few essential information on its properties

Different masters have used marble for many centuries. As a result, you have the floors of many palaces, their ceilings and walls finished. Once the marble was so predominantly reserved for the aristocracy, but now he finds its way to more and more homes around the world.

Should you home opt for the solution of a marble?

Marble is a material that threatens to disappear. That’s why he finds himself in reduced amount and you can buy it in good quality hard. Let us consider the advantages and disadvantages of this material. There are to many things.

Basic facts about marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock. This comes in use for many years. Each piece of marble is different. The diversity in the grain and color is known as one of its most valuable properties.

Marble can show a uniform or less uniform look. That related to its quality and style.

the luxurious look is always maintained

marble In the House using teak wood cabinets spacious shower

The marble types with a luxurious surface have a uniform color palette with soft grain. The look would then elegant and uniform as in this room.

This installation has marble with a distinctive sound. Thus, the appearance of less is consistent. That can be just as effective. The reason lies in the uniform shapes and details, which are created by the stone.

The marble should be obtained from the point of view of the technician as close as possible to Greece or Italy. So he will withstand the wet and warm ambience.

I have also another observation: the larger amount of grain is an indicator of the higher proportion of iron. In this part, the stone will change its appearance over time.

Tip: If you can acquire no Italian marble for your room, the porcelain could be just as suitable. You would achieve a very similar look.

Noble cherry wood is a beautiful addition to the marble

marble In the House use with noble cherry wood cabinets

The benefits of marble

You can easily work with marble. It’s a soft stone, you can even grind. Still, it can be machined and tumbled. You can apply the marble for various purposes. All surfaces in this detail were executed in the example here, as well as minor details on the door frame and the ceiling strips.

The disadvantages of marble

Due to its soft structure, the marble is very absorbent. So, the danger before a discoloration in the colouring of your hair. For many reasons, many people opt for the combination of marble and porcelain. The marble is very susceptible to acidic metals. Therefore, you can apply many cleaning products. That’s why soft lotions or other soft means making clean should be used. But before test their compatibility to your marble through the use of a small piece.

Marble is available in different colours

marble In the House use in dark grey and white

Still, marble also is not the best choice if you have children.

Special considerations

Minerals contain the marble. That’s why it contains also iron and it can transform into rust. So, whose beauty can be destroyed in the long run.

Here, a test is also highly recommended. Put a tile that you want to use in the water for about two days. Take them back for a few hours, then immerse it again. Carefully observe the tiles.

Showers with style

marble In the House using recessed glass door


If you use sheet-tile or small marble tiles with plates behind it, note that 95% of the tiles in contact with the concrete must be at every renovation. The concrete is installed with a notched trowel and not all tiles can achieve a 95% coverage.

Recessed luminaires provide for even more shine

marble In the House use in tile look

The honeycomb form of marble tiles is a stylish decision

marble In the House using honeycomb pattern


In my opinion the marble with a quality sealant should be set up. Still, the care with such must be. The strong cleaning agents should be avoided then. Scrubbing brush, nylon, SOAP and water should be more than enough.

In the picture here you can see the effect of working with this medium

marble In the House using close-up

Tip: Make sure that you had entered sealant at the corners. Otherwise there is the risk of a weak connection between the Fugenmorteln and the corners.


You should necessarily good research before you decide for the purchase of marble. There are not enough marble in the world and to many traders of this material, providing poor quality.

Considering the importance and the overhead of the application well and consider China as an alternative to consider.

The free-standing bathtub on the marble floor is a real eye-catcher by Lizette Marie Interior Design

marble In the House using free-standing bath from white ceramic

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