Maritime Decoration And Semi-precious Stones In The Living Room Design Integrating

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maritime decoration stones living room design

Small wonders of nature integrated in the design

Today something great has happened to me. I’ve been looking for a drilling machine in the garage and then I am on the collection of my husband’s from shells and rock fall. He has collected in his childhood, and they include everything from coral to agate. When I opened the cover from the jar, I was amazed about the abundant treasures. I found out that I have a great collection of rocks.

Regarding the possibilities of integration in interior design, this is like gold. I have not found the drill and that’s why my project took longer until I loaned not another. I dedicate this article the collections, which bring us back to childhood and the way how you can integrate them with style and character to the House.

Decorating ideas with sea shells

Coral, starfish and crabs among the treasures in my collection. Hereby all the quirky aspects and oddities of marine life with the relaxed atmosphere of the beach are United.

Maritime decoration and gemstones

maritime decoration living room decoration ideas

How do you present now exactly your shells? A popular strategy is to place them in apothecary bottles. You can add also a little decorative sand. This will serve as a soft rug for the sea shells.

Maritime decorative items and decorative sand

maritime decoration living room decoration ideas terrarium shells

You want another fun tactic? Why not this in the opening of an Urchin group. You can see exactly this solution on the basis of the next illustration. But the Sea Urchin is made of ceramic.

In this way, you can wonderfully exhibit a small collection of maritime decoration

maritime decorative items shell decoration ideas craft ideas

The appearance of polished tickets

ornaments rhinestones decoration ideas craft ideas

Polished stones left a lasting impression, if one puts them in groups. Sheet metal shells and other metal containers can be filled wonderful thanks to their splendour.

In my collection, I found many pebbles. This show so many different beautiful stones, from red to purple to yellow

ornaments semi-precious stones in key gold accents decorative ideas

You can spice up the appearance of your plants in the outdoor area. Below we see a cactus, which is surrounded by rocks. So you hold the rabbit and other critters away, ransacking there.

Surrounded with Succulents of decorative stones

ornaments semi-precious stones and succulent decoration ideas craft ideas

The power of black and white stones

ornaments rhinestones decorating ideas living room decorating

Below we see the rocks in turquoise plates. They are a fabulous contrast to the completely different color which surrounds them.

Vibrant colour contrasts

ornaments rhinestones accents living room ideas

We are accustomed to see very small stones. You can keep them in spherical tanks. But larger stones can reach an unexpected touch. The black and white surfaces help really sure that the green plants come into its own.

Decoration ideas – terrarium

decoration living room decoration ideas terrarium semi-precious stones Moos

I can exactly the picture imagine my husband how he collects these stones. About inscribes itself wonderfully in my idea of him. It’s so nice that he has decided to keep them. Don’t they look wonderful as a group?

Earthy accents

ornaments rhinestones decoration ideas craft ideas Driftwood pine cones

Looking for a special technique of the exhibition? Why position not earthy objects on a cork platform such as this one?

decoration stones Cork natural decoration ideas

From a trip during childhood my husband had brought also some sand souvenirs. I put it together super happy out with other natural items. They look great in a glass or metal box.

ornaments rhinestones decoration ideas Driftwood naturally rustic

Glitter and rays

Here is another way to represent your rocks. You can set before you a mirror wall, as you can see it below.

decoration stone decoration ideas

In the living room design integrate maritime decorative items and semi-precious stones

maritime decoration stones marble decoration ideas

Looking for a last variant?

Make a small exhibition of your own shiny minerals. You can group them together with other pieces, such as transparent minerals. Sometimes, some interesting accents can further illustrate other strong accents.

decoration stone decoration ideas rock crystal

I thank you that you have now shared my passion for these wonderful stones. You will not regret it if she will occupy a central place in your home.

Do you look for again on these treasures and draw more inspiration from it?

ornaments rhinestones decoration ideas natural accents

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