Martin’s Day And The Lantern Procession

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Martin's day illustration

Where does the tradition around the Martin day?

We all know the legend about Saint Martin, who cut his coat with his sword and give half of it to the beggars on the street. The same beggar in the dream appeared the following night at Martin, who actually was Jesus Christ himself.

Every year on the day of St.Martin this story in many Catholic parishes, kindergartens and primary schools by children is presented. It has reviewed how Saint Martin escapes from the ragged, be plentiful.

The legend tells about the generosity of St. Martin

Martin's day paper beggar

For some children, the Christmas season begins with the Lantern procession

Martin's day paper lanterns

The culmination of this festive day which is connected also with the greatest anticipation of children is, of course, the Lantern procession. The dark all those kids with their homemade lanterns of paper, in the November night like fireflies sparkle, which makes so indescribably beautiful and important songs, fire, floor bread Festival. But also a deeper meaning and a more important sense behind it seems to. We have made ourselves looking after and found exciting:

There are geese in the legend and even Roast goose is on the table

Martin's day paper lanterns moving geese

The children make even their lanterns and sing songs about

Martin's day illustration Lantern

In many schools, that is Martin BB´s modelled on history in the form of a demonstration

Martin's day paper lanterns moving poems songs

Similar to the Celts, were the ancient Teutons very nature-loving tribes. You have viewed this day before the Christians as the end of the fertile time of harvest and beginning the cold and the dark. The summer was huge fire symbolically “burned”, because only so they could rest during the dark period and gather strength for the coming year. In some areas, the young Germans about the fire jumped to prove their skill. You scattered the Germans over the fields, of leftover fire ash what supposedly has made fertile the Earth.

Martin BB´s squirrels, various stock breads or loaves of bread are there depending on the Federal State to the holiday

Martin's day paper bread stock

There will be songs sung and performed poet

Martin day lanterns children

Similar to the Celtic Festival of Samhain, the Germans drank, ate and celebrated. The lights and the fire should expel the evil spirits. The original lamps were autumn beets. Pumpkins also were added later.  When this pagan feast, we recognize a close connection with the current all Hallows, feast of all saints, Krokus and Helloween.

Martin’s day has a confusing resemblance to the present Helloween

Martin's day paper lanterns moving Group Portrait

Children celebrate Martin’s day in an elementary school

Martin's day paper lanterns Sankt Martin

The mood of the Festival, class shown in this watercolor painting

Martin's day paper lanterns moving drawing

Martin day is the last day before the start of the 40-tägigen time of fasting before Christmas. Eating a goose has a pre-Christian origin during the festivals of battle of in November. The goose was a pet with a cult status among the Celts.

Martin’s day is celebrated on the 11.11.2015 this year.

The autumn beets were the origin of the lanterns at the ancient Germanic peoples

Martin's day paper lanterns moving

All bring their sticks to the fire

Martin's day paper stock bread

Formerly sang children door to door and collecting fuel for the great fire

Martin's day paper during the day children joy

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