Meet The Quilling Craft Technology

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quilling Papierfaltkuns floral colorful

Quilling fascination – how easily can tinker with paper

The vocation to follow and to deal with, you can find the best and most beautiful is not always self-evident. It is not always possible especially for economic reasons. This has been but a young Turkish artist. SENA Runa gave their well paid HR Job to devote himself to the art of quilling. Now she is completely satisfied and is entirely with heart and soul in their new work. Beautiful, delicate creations from paper that enchant with perfect hand skills and endless imagination emerge under her hands.

Do you know already quilling? Probably you have seen already such artistic works on paper. Quilling is a handicraft art, which dates back to the Renaissance period. At the time, monks and nuns in France and Italy have started to decorate religious books and items with rolled paper strip. In the 18th century, this paper art at nobles became very popular and popular. Fine women have appropriated as a popular hobby quilling. Later this craft art has managed even to America.

Lovely quilling artwork to admire

quilling paper folding art of colorful anchor

Today, quilling no longer part of the class. Quite the contrary. It is a widespread handicraft art with rolled paper strip that is very often to meet in many countries around the world. Quilling is also officially recognized as art, and there are even special training for this. It all starts in the school, where the children can improve their motor skills so that. Moreover, the fact that this is a very cheap type of crafting. You need only paper and glue.

As decoration, we can see the art of quilling on many items, such as greeting cards, invitations, jewelry boxes and numerous living articles. Quilling also in many way of finding galleries are works of art.

Colorful heart with filigree ornaments out of paper

quilling paper folding art craft

With a little patience and creativity is almost everyone able to make wonderful quilling figures. You can easily learn basic techniques.

In the Internet you will find plenty of workshops and guidelines for

How easy it is

art of paper folding papercraft sweet OWL

Try it with your favorite cartoon characters

papercraft of Papierfaltkuns mouse Mikey mouse

Combine quilling with drawing for a still-impressive effect

art paper Papierfaltkuns paper wrinkle technology craft

The world is your Oyster

quilling paper folding art Atlas world

Even ghastly dragons are to make

art of paper folding papercraft Blue Dragon

The beauty is in the details

quilling Papierfaltkuns colorful heart

And how about a balloon of a special kind?

paper art paper folding art colorful air balloon

Your kids will love it just

quilling paper folding art elephant

Magical and mystical with a blue feather

papercraft art of paper folding pen

Many small waves form a big heart

quilling paper folding art heart waves

Fancy dress as a gift for your loved ones

art of paper folding papercraft clover Gürn

Make a beautiful fairytale Castle

quilling paper folding art Castle

Mini quilling characters are just so adorable

paper paper folding art video camera

Quilling tribute to the eternal magic of music

art of paper folding papercraft violin

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