Minimalist Architect House In Kawachinagano By Fujiwarramuro Architects

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minimalist architect House exterior ground floor

House in Kawachinagano by Fujiwarramuro architects

Now we want to present you another interesting example of modern architecture, this time it’s a contemporary House in Osaka, Japan, which is built and decorated in the minimalist style.  This is a project by Fujiwarramuro Architects, a group of Japanese architects and designers who have engaged with the design of the House and its interior design. This family residence is designed great, still at the design, it has put the focus on the privacy of the residents and on the joining of the House to the close to this environment. The result is really amazing! The House is spacious, one can see very well in the photos in our gallery, it has enough room for all members of the family. Kitchen, dining and living areas are together in a large room, where the whole family comes together. It has also thought of play areas for the children. Great, isn’t it?

The designers have designed a large deck, penetrating almost into the House

minimalist architect House outdoor wood flooring

Here also is the comment of professionals by Fujiwarramuro architects about the House in Kawachinagano: “the homeowner comes from an area of Hokkaido, where the nature is great and spacious. He lived in his hometown until he has completed his studies and sets a high value on the connection with nature.  All were very happy when we found this land, because it is located on its South side green-wood. This gave us a wonderful occasion to realize our design concept for a House open to the forest and related. Now, the tenants have also your desired image, and that pleased very natural!

Minimalist design, geometric shapes -big game room

minimalist architect House game room children

In the design of the House we thought always at the link out there, so we have designed a large deck that would penetrate nearly into the House.  We have a large roof over the deck, to increase the feeling of ambiguity between the indoor and outdoor area. Now, you can say where exactly the limits lie, we have reached a House open to the forest. The vaulted ceiling in the living room allows for a full benefit when looking at the forest landscape. In addition you have beautiful views of the surrounding forest – in every room what actually was the extra desire of the landlord!

Children’s games on the ground floor

minimalist architect House exterior large Windows playground

Want the family spend their time together, then all in the large room meet together: this is a multi-functional room, there is the kitchen, dining and living area in a triangle. We have been concerned that here nothing out of place was and at the same time, nothing is missing.

Facade without window

minimalist architect facade geometric shapes

Something special about this House: on the facade there is no window! We can paint monotone white and grey outside, but that would be too depressing in relation to the environment, so we painted the facade in bright green, now it fits colour to the forest!

A large roof over the deck – ambiguity

modern architect House Deckenhohe window

The family could spend their time on the terrace in peace, protected from prying eyes. Play in summer the children in a vinyl pool, which parents can organize barbeques with friends or on cool days simply enjoy a game of badminton. “

Kitchen and dining area – wooden facilityarchitects House wood dining room design time for family elegant modern house living room wood facility

Bright living room – different upholstered sofas

designer House living room leather velvet sofas

Integrated blue light – original architectural element

minimalist architect House blue lightingthe plan of the House designer house plan design

translated and edited by Sabine

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