Mint Color: Surprising Decoides And Combinations

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If you want to renovate your house and the garden this year, you must not forget the Mint color! Characterful, natural and at the same time modern, it fits perfectly to modern trends in house design. At the same time, To stay longer , The current colors of the year Fit wonderfully to her, and wonderful combinations come together.

Mint color fits both inside and outside just as well. That is why it can help you to expand the living space towards the garden. The simultaneous use there and in the interior would ensure a uniform look.

These are probably the most important facts that make Mint Green so up to date. Below are some striking examples of the specific use of this color.

Mint green and purple

Surprising color combinations with mint color

The surprising color combinations Are a trend-setting tool for the individualisation of the interior design in recent seasons. Take Mint color as a background or accent, you have a lot of different options.

Mint color can basically be considered a substitute of white.

It is natural and neutral, has only a refreshing aspect. This makes all combinations more dynamic and lively. This aspect intensifies with the saturation of the color. The brighter it is, the more subtly its influence on the ambience in the room.

Classic combinations of black and red are very popular

Mint green black and red

Exotic and cheerful

Mint green also has a fruity touch. This makes the combination with lilac and rose tones particularly successful. The combination is very exotic and feminine in a very discreet way, which makes it very inviting in the living room.

Mint and dark blue make a great combination

Mint and blue

Modern with dark blue

Mint green and a modern dark blue? Such a combination is extremely up-to-date and intellectual. Perfect for the home office or even for a homely office!

The retro flair comes especially with mint green

Retro objects in mint green

Vintage, as well as antique furniture and accessories in mint green

Do you have DIY projects with vintage and antique items in the house? The mint color is perfect for this purpose. It has the characteristic of emphasizing its nostalgic character. At the same time, it leaves a modern and fresh aftertaste. A perfect way to bridge the gap between yesterday and today.

The Azent wall in mint green fits almost always super

Blue mint other bright shades

Accent wall in mint color

Mint green makes sense in many contemporary concepts. In a small apartment or in an open space with several functions, we can highlight a zone. With the accent wall we can also update a room immediately.

However, many inhabitants are afraid of using such a wall. It appears as a much too binding designer solution. At the same time, it must be conspicuous enough to fulfill its functions.

With all these limitations, Mint color would be the perfect choice.

Retro refrigerators are often in mind

Mint green retro refrigerator

Retro refrigerators and kitchen appliances

Let us continue with the subject of nostalgia. Retro refrigerators and other kitchen appliances are also often made in mint green. The 80s broadcasting is thus unfolded wonderfully.

Textiles in mint are very popular

Mint color on textiles and accessories

Mint color on textiles

Mint green is perfect for fine textiles and materials. Thus, it has a wide use in decoration. She comes to life on bed linen, decorative pillows, curtains, but also on stylish lampshades and other accessories. Immediately the whole facility looks a lot better.

Also high-quality suede leather furniture can be found in this shading and can make something special out of your room. Or maybe you want to freshen up and finish the floor design through a carpet in mint color?

What about a carpet in mint green?

Carpet in mint

You only need a little mint green for a strong effect

Mint green is universal and at the same time it has the ability to bring out the surprising aspects of many objects and colors. You do not need to introduce it to a large extent into the house, because even by smaller”spots”it is very strongly to the validity. Finally, mint green matches the interior as well as the exterior design. With the use in both zones you can ensure a uniform living space.

Blue and mint color
Mint green with other pastellnuancen
Mint green and purple brown
Mint and other nuances of green


Mint and white in the bathroom
Mint color with different saturation
Mint green fits to room
Mint green and chair art space
Nutrients in mint
Orange and green
Service car against a green background
Door in mint green
Vintage flair is emphasized by mint
White and mint green

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