Modern Christmas Decoration – 2017: Back To The Real Values ​​of The Festival

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In early November is a great time for the preparation of Christmas decorations. The simple decoides are particularly trendy in 2017. The professional interior designers encourage us to use the already existing items and accessories at home for Christmas decorations. In this style are also the ideas that we want to show you in the following.

The original Advent Calendar can also serve as a great Christmas decoration

very simple christmas decoration diy

Christmas decoration, which reminds us of the meaning of the celebration

The splendid design of our cities and houses, the commercial advertisements and the gifts bring us sometimes from the Main idea of ​​Christmas from. This year, many people feel the need to return to the authentic values ​​of the festival.

Modern are DIY Christmas decoration ideas, which can be prepared together with the whole family.
Moreover, the representation of the traditional symbols associated with Christmas is fairly recent in a modern way.

Such a Christmas tree would ideally be a vintage design

white tree christmas decoration

A different Christmas tree

As always, the Christmas tree is a big theme. But we often discover it in original forms. Particularly popular is the wall design with pictures or jewelery, which make up the figure of a Christmas tree. This idea is also applied to window design. Such ideas are suitable for modern and minimalist dwellings, where one reluctantly reinstates the traditional Christmas tree. Such a Christmas decoration is, of course, also particularly suitable for environmental reasons, if you look for Upcycling decides.

The DIY Christmas decoration is becoming more and more up-to-date

diy glowing bottles christmas decoration


Garlands can be very discreet, as well as glorious and conspicuous. In the first form they are super popular as a Christmas decoration in 2017. They can be made of different materials. For example, glossy paper and fine cloth are often chosen for practical reasons. Garlands are also made from natural gifts, such as acorns. They are particularly popular as window decoration.

Make the table the center of the festival through the Christmas decoration

festive table as a highlight Christmas decoration

Festive design of shelves and tables

This year, it is particularly popular to make the dining table or shelves a kind of highlight in the Christmas decoration. This is achieved by concentrating on the design. The rest of the apartment is decorated rather subtly.
The strategies are very different, but one is very popular: you decorate these surfaces in a style that is different from the legal design. For example, in minimalist dwellings for the decoration of the table, you can choose magnificent designs with gifts of nature or luxury accessories. This approach has many advantages. On the one hand, the atmosphere of the apartment is transformed by this eclectic décor. On the other hand, there is also a certain increase in the level of conspicuousness in the different styles. Within this the Christmas table and other certain areas become the visual highlight. This creates a unique festive mood in the house.

Spread cheerful mood with simple and traditional ideas!

garden decoration christmas decoration

The inner values

The common between all these ideas is that they appeal to the emotions of the people. The Christmas decoration is currently to go beyond the visual and to the house inhabitants and their mood something to the positive move. The cheerful atmosphere is created by working together, by interpreting the familiar symbols by their own perspective and by reminding oneself of the real values ​​of the festival.

Here a luxurious table design was chosen

ideas for the Christmas table design

This Christmas tree is ideal for the minimalist design of the apartment

minimalist christmas tree white

Some traditional Christmas decoration ideas are always up-to-date

traditional luxury christmas decoration candles

So you can put the Christmas tree on the wall

diy christmas decoration wall design

The family spirit and the humanity come to life for Christmas

together with the family christmas decoration

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