Molecular Kitchen Science, Magic, Or Cooking?

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molecular cuisine cancer

Molecular cuisine for all those who are bored at dinner

The molecular cuisine requires a completely new perception of our diet. It is also the way, how our food is offered.

In advance we would briefly define the concept of “molecular cuisine”. The composition of this word sounds more chemically as culinary. In fact, the so-called kitchen is a blend of chemistry and physics. Much less talking about frying pans, cooking pots and sticky fingers.

Also here, but lots of fine feeling, skill and imagination is announced.

Mozzarella topped with tomato and basil, with fine balsamic vinegar

molecular cuisine Mozzarela tomato basil


The term “molecular gastronomy” has existed since the beginning of the 21st century.

It all began when French scientist named Hervé this finally managed to divide food into their stock molecules. First, it is necessary to alter the physical state of the food and then in various compilations reframe it. The process is controlled and special cooking techniques are used. The kitchen of a molecular gastronomers looks much more like a chemistry lab, than like a traditional kitchen.

The molecular cuisine is something for adventurous people

molecular kitchen red white

Juices and soups in this unusual form can never be a danger of klecker

molecular kitchen red liquid

The molecular gastronomy turns the world on its head

molecular kitchen red shell

Still more special features

While the Cook prepares the meals, are extraordinary and surprising results to expect. The most striking can be for example strawberries with Salmon flavor.

Except for the unusual taste, the food has also pretty peculiar look. In fine restaurants, where molecular cuisine is offered, paying attention in addition to the odors in the air and also on the lighting conditions when serving.

The products of molecular gastronomy are a new experience for all the senses

molecular kitchen red dessert

This modern cooking completely changed our eating habits

molecular kitchen red snake

Also drinking represents an exciting challenge

molecular cuisine of long drinks

Modern molecular gastronomy

We all know the popular foam from the cooking shows? The foam, decorate with the star chefs or for example a product of molecular cuisine is used as a side dish.

Complex operations such as Sphärizierung or dehydration are applied in molecular gastronomy.  It is getting too complicated, but the results of these processes are the exciting. Through the Sphärizierung, liquid turns into jelly balls.

Through the process of Sphärizierung will not drink your Mojito, you can eat

molecular cuisine Mojito sphere

You can now enjoy strawberries as dice

molecular kitchen Red Earth berries

The popular pasta you eat now as colorful bag even more enjoyable

molecular kitchen red pasta

Edible or only eccentric

Now we come to the most important question at all: this cutting is healthy for us and our bodies on its daily requirement? Or is this just a Kaprice of the rich?

Interestingly, this way of eating even healthier. Used grease and food will be steamed consumed almost raw or lightly. Also, the food does not lose its health values, convince us chefs and scientists.

Whether it’s a pumpkin soup or a mango juice?-we leave that decision to you

molecular kitchen apricot

The only shortcoming of the molecular cuisine seems to be the amount on the plate

molecular kitchen raspberry cross

On the whole, to put our creativity to the test

molecular cuisine cross

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