New Trends In 2018 In Interior Design

New Year, new happiness, as you often get to hear on these days! But we want to formulate this good New Year’s wishes differently and use the slogan: New Year, new trends 2018 in the interior! The old year 2017 is over and well-known designers and interior designers are trying to formulate the latest trends in interior design. Most of them assume just how dynamically our modern everyday life develops. That’s why people need comfort and comfort in their own four walls, where they want to enjoy pure relaxation and ease the stress of the exhausting day off. The most important trend of 2018 can be summarized in this way – the home should be our relax oasis in the new year. But there are other questions. For example, how do you create a relaxed atmosphere at home? Which colors will be fashionable in 2018 and best express our style and taste? What kind of furniture do the Interieur Trends 2018 look like?

A round glass coffee table is the fashionable eye-catcher in the room here.

New Trends 2018 round table glass

We want to give answers to these and many other questions in this article. Stay tuned and inform yourself here in detail about what sets the tone in the interior design 2018! Round furniture, lavender and olive green, woven textures and velvet are now in scene! Even the natural elements that have become so popular will continue to gain popularity in 2018.

Anything that brings more comfort in our rooms, remains in this year! One after the other! We start with the super trendy furniture and then introduce you to the latest colors and color accents. Only then we go to the fashionable textures In the text and pictures, you will be shown and show which trends in 2018 will also dominate our home in this regard!

A round sofa can be the absolute highlight of your home

new trends 2018 round sofa

  • Round forms of furniture will be very popular in 2018

Straight lines, edges and geometric patterns are perfect! A completely new trend breaks through and these are the round shapes in the interior. On round sofa will enhance many living rooms this year and give them a sublime look. In addition, you can put a round coffee or coffee table in front of the chic sofa and round off the fashionable room appearance. If you do not want to risk it with round furniture in the interior, then we advise you to start small. You can get round decorative cushions or a nice round wall mirror. But maybe you want to repaint the walls by selecting extra fancy wallpapers with round graphic patterns. In both cases you will definitely hit the mark!

Round shapes and floral patterns are among the interior trends of 2018

2018 interior round shapes floral pattern

  • New trends in 2018 for the colors in the interior

The time of Rose Gold and Greenery has totally expired. Now lavender and olive green are getting more and more attention and determine the color palette in your own home. Very Lilanuancen are also very trendy, the style and grandeur radiate. The color combinations are really endless, but it is more and more often on white, because this neutral base color can be combined perfectly with all other shades. One looks for a balance in the interior design and this of course starts with the right selected color palette. No room may look overloaded in 2018, quite the contrary! One seeks for soft tones that form optical equilibrium. In terms of color selection, designers assume that everyone has to feel calm and relaxed in a fashionably designed environment. In 2018, calm and serenity in your own home are the highest priorities.

Olive green is back in fashion and design!

new trends 2018

Let’s stay with the fashionable colors in the interior 2018 for a while. In addition to the trendy lavender and olive green, gentle Chartreuse shades will also be in demand this year. If you choose such colors for your walls or furniture, you put a strong personal accent in the room, which expresses your individuality, your style and taste perfectly. All of the aforementioned shades are softer than 2017’s so popular Greenery and complement people’s desire for a cozy home. In addition, they look very natural and you can say they are timeless.

Every room design tone on tone looks strikingly beautiful

new trends 2018 interior design

  • Set tone on tone or stark color accents in the interior

Two interesting designer design methods deserve our attention, because these undoubtedly belong to the pronounced trends of 2018 and are becoming increasingly popular. One is the colorful harmony between wall design and furniture, the other is based on stark contrasts. For example, you can choose a trendy color for your room walls and adapt it to the furniture and its upholstery. How to get an interior tone on tone. The opposite trend is also decisive in 2018. You can choose pieces of furniture or room accessories in warm colors, such as yellow, red or coral. In this way, you can set off unusual accents in predominantly neutral interiors and provide more dynamics in interior design. Decide on one of the two trends and create a trendy and very comfortable home!

Make the most of new inspiration from the 2018 trends in interior design described here and create cozy and fashionable spaces at home!

A chair is never just an armchair, in crass red it is a real eye-catcher

new trends 2018 armchair

Living with contrasts – that may be the motto of the year 2018

new trends 2018 live

Lavender is a trendy 2018 color that goes well with boho, vintage and any modern style of interior design

Trends 2018 Lavender

The circle is the symbol of perfection and infinity and will be seen more and more often in the interior

Wall decoration circle table armchair

The round sofa is set in 2018 in spacious and sublime interiors

Round sofa trendy

In front of this gentle dark blue background, the shiny gold metal chairs come to light

Soft dark blue background gold shiny metal chairs

Tone on tone with golden highlights

Tone in tone dark blue

Lavender, Olive and Chartreuse are on the rise

Trends 2018 Lavender Olive Chartreuse on the rise