Ombre Blond: A Glamorous Hairy Man’s Comeback

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Is Ombre Blond already snow from yesterday? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The gorgeous Hairstyling trend is more hip than ever. Stars and asterisks are increasingly coloring their hair this year. The chic color scheme of the ombres, which is called”shadows”, is gaining more and more followers and captivates with its summery joy of life and discreet luxury. Although this hairstyling can be executed in all possible shades, Ombre Blond remains one of the most popular variations of Ombre at all. This is no longer true in its classical appearance, where the colors are relatively fast and form a strong contrast, but much more in its newer forms. From the so – called Babylights over the Balayage technique To Sombre – the list of dyeing techniques is long and there is certainly the right thing for every taste.

What are babylights?

Very delicate, delicate highlights in blond – as kissed by the sun. At Babylights the hair is only lightly lightened by a few blond accents. Naturalness and pure romance! Normally, the highlights are dyed around the face, so that the eyes and cheeks can be more effective. In this coloring method, the hair is particularly spared and the color transitions appear quite gentle and girlish.

Babylights haartrend 2017 ombre blond

Balayage or Strobing?

In the fashionable balayage technique, the hairdresser becomes a true painter. “Balayer”means”sweep”in French. The dyeing technique was so called by trendsetters, because the actual dyeing of the individual highlights is carried out by such fegebe movements by the hairdresser.

So, quite different from conventional foil highlights. Similar to Babylights, Balayage’s hair looks natural. This dyeing technique fits almost all hair lengths and hairstyles. Beautiful curls are just as beautifully spiced, as smooth hair or waves.

Hairstrobing has been on everyone’s lips for quite some time. Very often, both dyeing techniques are used as synonyms and many do not even know where the difference actually lies. strobing Was originally developed as a make-up trend. It is basically about highlighting important facial parts through more shine (through special creams, powders or pens). The same principle applies now also to the hair, which is styled by strobing. Or in other words: Hair Strobing is a successful mixture as Balayage and Foil Babylights. Just lovely!

Ombre blonde long hair strands young woman

Ombre Blond, reinterpreted!

To clarify any misunderstandings: Ombre Blond is not equal to Ombre Blond! What used to be a strict two-color color sequence from the darker hairline to the brighter hair tips has now been reinterpreted. Some Hairstyle experts often speak of Ombre Blond with highlights or even Sombre – a much milder version of Ombre.

Shouldered hair ombre blond honey

Ombre Blond & Co. have clearly not only conquered the international catwalks world-wide, but also the heart of every fashion-conscious woman, wherever a real blonde is. Treat yourself to a summery, natural look with the dyeing technique of your choice. Maybe you just want to look like kissed from the sun or you prefer rather more powerful blond highlights that radiate your face?

Take a look at the great examples from our picture gallery and let yourself be inspired!

Bright blond long wavy hair ombre

Honeyblonde hair copper ombre blond

Honey blond ombre long hair curls
Brown hair ombre blond smooth hair
Color course ombre blond dark brown trendfrisuren
Long hair ladies hairstyling ombre blon highlights
Long hair color ombre blond brown approach
Long ombre hair blond brown young woman sunglasses
Long blond hair strand strobing ombre
Long hair young woman ombre blond with highlights
Blonde hairy copper neck
Long hair ombre blond young woman
Balayage technique color ombre long hair
Long ombre blond hair jennifer lopez
Trendfrisuren long hair ombre blond
Ombre blonde hair young girl london
Ombre blond halblings hair darkblond
Ombre blond long hair young women
Ombre blond bob strands
Contouring strobing ombre hair blond long mittellang
Ombre blond long hair curls
Ombre blond hair dark blond
Ombre hair red copper dark blue color gradient
Rose blond long hair ombre look
Shoulder long hair ombre blond young woman
Haired ombre blond long hair young woman

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