Orchid – Care Instructions And Useful Information About The Queen Of The House Plants

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The orchids are true beauties and can be found in every interior. They bring a lot of natural charm into your own four walls and instantly transform into a special view at home. Today, these extraordinary plants are once again found in nature. In tropical and subtropical regions, they grow as epiphytes, i.e. They thrive on other plants, mainly the tropical orchids grow on trees, branches and branches and develop air roots. For us the cultivated species are important. Today the orchids are well represented all over the world. More than 25,000 species are already known, new breeds are constantly being added. These beautiful indoor plants are characterized by beautiful flower shapes and soft colors. Because of its charming characteristics, the orchid is often highly praised and characterized as the”most beautiful of all beauty”and”queen of the house plants”. They are still called charismatic and supernatural! It exudes sophistication and natural simplicity. The name of the whole plant family comes from the Greek. However, today’s room plants have a long history and proved their robustness during the course of 60 million years. The first orchids grew in Indonesia. Many years later they were typical inhabitants of the rainforest.

The orchids are unmatched as ornaments and decorations

Orchidee at home breed Phalaenopsis

The popular orchid species in Europe prefer to be bred in the soil. With us they belong to the most popular house plants of the Germans. The most widespread species is the Phalaenopsis, which shows its blossoming splendor all year round and decorates your home. With proper care, of course! Exotic accommodations are considered to be adaptable and even sturdy, but they know quite well what they want and demand your care!

The orchid is easy to maintain, but sophisticated

Orchid species Phalaenopsis as a plant

Correct care tips for orchids

If you want to enrich your interior with exotic beauty and refresh it, then you must get at least one orchid. The enchantingly beautiful plant-plants can bloom with a correct care monthly and delight your eyes. However, the following tips must be considered:

– Choose the right location! The orchids flourish wonderfully in bright places. They do not like the direct sunlight, so sunny places must be avoided. Especially in the summer the soft flowers do not have to stand in the bright sun.

In winter, the orchid can decorate the southern window sill

Orchidee as deco for the window bank

– Pour carefully! When pouring the exotic beauties, you must be careful, because too much water and stunts could be harmful to the plant. Watering takes place only when the soil has been dry for days, usually every 4-5 weeks can be enough; At low room temperatures it is enough every two weeks.

– Flower earth is important here! The orchids do not really need a proper flowering soil, they thrive well in the bark substrate. In every flower shop you will find special substrate for orchids, you just have to ask!

No proper flowering soil, but a substrate for orchids need the flower friends to cultivate these beauties at home

Orchids arrange orchids

– Fertilize once a month! Fertilize the exotics moderately, preferably with an orchid fertilizer. Alternatively, you can take a normal flowering plant fertilizer.

– Replace every two years! Care must be taken to avoid damaging the roots of the plant. You can find out more about this in the attached video:

The wonderful blossom of the orchids can be enjoyed for a long time

For your good care, the orchid thanked her by showing her wonderful blossom splendor several times a year. The different species bloom at different times, most at least twice a year – once in late spring and the second time in winter. Meanwhile the flowers have their rest. The flowers look like fragile and surprise with a great variety of shapes and colors. There are flowers in snow-white and others in delicate pink, and others in bright reds. Very popular are also these dyed in violet, although with them the nuances are also numerous. The flowers have different patterns, some show colored spots, others are striped. Most are in pastel tones, which appear well in addition to the main color and the green leaves.

The variety of shapes and colors of the orchids seems to be boundless

Orchids in beautiful orange nuances

The exotic houseplants have totally conquered our interior, they not only decorate millions of living rooms nationwide, but also bring their exotic flair to the bedroom, bathroom or home office. And not without good reason, as we have already proved. These delicate flowers quickly turn into unquestionable eye-catchers in the ambiance. They let the hearts beat faster, captivating by makellose beauty and magnificent blossoms. Can one as a room decoration desire something more beautiful? Barely!

Give yourself a little bit of time and will thank you for the wonderful flowers

Orchid in beautiful lilanuance

Extra tip: If you want to surprise your beloved (wife, girlfriend or partner) for a special occasion, then you can do this with a beautiful orchid. This is the best gift you could think of!

Give an orchid and conjure a smile into the face of your loved one!

House plants with orchids
Orchidee as decoration in the living room and in the office
Orchidee in the blumentopf is a great decoration for the living room
Orchid with purple blossom beautiful houseplants
Orchid phalaenopsis orchid with white flowers
Orchids with many flowers in soft colors
Orchids as a nice eyecatcher
Orchids in the corridor
Orchids in red
Orchid in unusual color
Orchid species whimsical flowers
Orchids of the orchids decorate the home
Orchid with beautiful flowers in purple and white
Orchids in black

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