Original LED Light Glass Bottles Give A Romantic Touch

Editor   June 19, 2015   Comments Off on Original LED Light Glass Bottles Give A Romantic Touch

led lamp glass bottles bottle cover

The innovative LED lamp by suck UK

We love creative DIY ideas with used items. And how is it for you? Originality and sustainability can be combined in a perfect way with this type of creations. You feel satisfied and proud as a decoration or a piece of furniture, in whose preparation it has actively participated. We now introduce a hybrid of British company Suck UK . This product is a smart idea for subtle, romantic light. It concerns a small LED lamp, which actually functions as a bottle cap and is covered with Cork on the upper side. At first glance, this lamp looks like a conventional Cap. If you but a closer look at, you will notice the difference. The WOW effect is of course only with mixing of light. The LED lamp is charged through a USB port. It takes about 1 hour and then glows for about 3 hours.

Any kind of bottles with a standard opening are suitable

LED light glass bottles bottle caps Cork

So throw away your old glass bottles never! So that you can make beautiful vintage lamps in the blink of an eye. Use also colourful bottles for an even more attractive appearance. Combine bottles with different shapes and sizes. Make this not only on the table, but also, for example on the window sill, or in the bathroom for a refined, romantic mood. The bright bottles are a perfect decoration for your garden or balcony for the warm summer nights. Such LED lamps are also effective gifts which you can surprise your loved ones.

Look at everything in peace and begin to collect already cool glass bottles.

The USB socket is delicately hidden under the Cork

led light glass bottles romantic lighting lamps

Even individually so a brilliant bottle is very original

led light transparent bottle bottle cap

Small, but fine

led light bottle caps Cork

All you should do is: Insert!

led light glass bottles bottle lid USB

1 hour wait – 3 hours enjoy

led light glass bottles cover charging USB

Lovely window lighting

led light glass bottles lid lights

The wind can no longer interfere with you

led light glass bottles romantic table lighting

Use measuring cup for an even fancier effect!

led light measuring bottle caps Cork

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