Painting Stones: 40 Ideas For Original Tinkering With Stones

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Technology for painting of smooth stones

You wonder what skills and knowledge you need to paint stones? You should especially feel like it! And you need stones. Collect them yourself on a riverbank or on the beach during your sea holiday. Each individual stone has always a distinctive character. Stones have undiscovered beauty that usually never and nowhere reviewed.

Get ready for a real artistic process

To paint stones artfully, you need the right attitude. You should take this action as something fun and beautiful.

Stones and paint as original Garden Decor

stones paint coloured floral design tinkering with stones

Paint colorful birds on white stones

stones paint colorful birds painted stones


First you have to carefully clean the stones. Any dirt must go. The stone surface must be as smooth. You should have this actually already in the selection of the stones in the head.

Mandala painting stones in white

stones painted white motifs Mandalas painted stones

Note the shape of the stone and paint a matching motif on it

stones paint Mandalas painted stones DIY ideas

Matching colors

Covers painting of stones before all things oil and acrylic paints come in question. In turn, for their fixation, you need a special spray. Transparent Nail Polish would be a very good alternative.

Wide colour gamut

stones paint colorful strips of yin and Yang-painted stones

Decorate or transform into “Creatures”

Two are the usual approaches for the painting of the stones. You can decorate them, or you can “breathe a soul them”. In the first case, enter a suitable background and then you can attach various decorative shapes on it. Typical example is applying geometric shapes such as triangles or squares. You can be filled with different small pieces and other colored decoration.

A brightly painted cat

stones paint colorful cat tinkering with stones

Some artists inspired by the natural shapes of the stones and turn them into real works of art. You often discover the figure of lying animals. Sleeping cats or small fish are the frequently used motifs. With the help of painting or other decoration techniques, they make small replicas of these creatures.

Beetles with blue and white stripes

stones paint Strip Blue Beetle knows tinkering with stones

Usage of the painted stones in the Interior and garden decoration

The painted stones may find widespread use both in the Interior and garden design. Indoors, we would recommend it as a table decoration. You can fill that glass vases or decorative bowls. In addition, they can be distributed in the flower pots on the ground.

Mandala stone as creative decorations in the garden

stones paint mandala Lotus tinkering with stones

Painted stones can be in use in the garden. Distribute them as interesting accents to your garden paths. Here, too, you can decorate flower pots and decorate various pieces of furniture.

You be it aware that the colour under the influence of external conditions will fall faster.

Giant Ladybug in the entrance area

stones paint ladybugs Garden Decor tinkering with stones

Stone painting with children

You can paint stones together with your children. Also, they could play with them. However, small stones for infants are not very apt, because they could swallow them or put in the mouth. Leave it, that’s why not unattended.

All letters on stones paint – so kids learn the alphabet much easier

stones paint tinkering with stones alphabet

Simple motifs in black

stones paint black motifs of flowers and letters painted stones

Different alternatives for the decorating of stones

There are different variations, which can be used for the decorating of stones into consideration.  If the painting is just not your thing, you can decorate them with printed or decoupage. An interesting variant is the vintage decoration technology of stones. This one uses cut-out set of old newspapers.

Paint the stones or choose a different technique for your decorating! Miss definitely not this beautiful DIY projects.

Do you want to paint stones mandala?

stones paint tinkering with stones mandala

Nice shots in bright coloursstones paint painted mandala stones themselves make

Select a color palette that is dear to you

stones paint mandala tinkering with stones pebbles

The iconic VW bus

stones painted Volkswagen bus tinkering with stones

Fresh decorating ideas in green

stones paint green stones decode tinkering with stones

Create a decorative Cactus green painted stone

stones paint green stones Cactus tinkering with stones

Create optical illusion – an original decoration idea

stones paint Cactus decoration ideas tinkering with stones

Be inspired by the following examples!

stones paint black eye tinkering with stonesstones paint colorful hearts painted stonesstones paint chakra colors painted stonesstones paint Feng Shui tinkering with stonesstones painted fall leaves tinkering with stonesstones paint make love by painted stonesstones paint purple pink heart tinkering with stonesstones paint funny cat tinkering with stonesstones paint seahorse tinkering with stonesstones paint osterdeko themselves chicks make stones with stonesstones paint positive energy by tinkering with stonesstones paint dots pattern blue yellow tinkering with stonesstones paint dots pattern red heart tinkering with stonesstones paint tinkering with stones pink and red heartstones paint tinkering with stones red heart cat Garden Decorstones paint black cat tinkering with stonesstones painting abstract motifs knows tinkering with stonesstones painting girl with balloon craft stonesstones paint Black Yellow girls tinkering with stonesstones paint black knows tinkering with stonesstones paint black white tinkering with stonesstones paint black white mandala tinkering with stones

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