Paper Flowers Tinker With Lots Of Patience And Attention To Detail

Get to know the paper flowers by Kate Alarcón

Although flowers are among the classics on many occasions, they are always more often the bone of contention not only for environmentalists and fair supporters trade. Very often it is also about the different connotation, which have the color and the number of flowers in a bouquet. Especially when it comes to different cultural backgrounds, some things when choosing a flower can go wrong. You already know. The color of the bride for example not everywhere in the world is white. In India it is the color of mourning. On the contrary, the nuptial color there is red. Walking into a red dress to the wedding would be but somehow… getting, right here in Europe? Similarly with the number of flowers in a bouquet. In this country it matters not so special, if you give away ten or eleven roses. No one will find it bad. Flowers but give an even number in some Eastern European countries, the recipient will feel quite uncomfortable, because as an even number of flowers to honour the dead is common.

Apart from flowers are simply unbeatable and bring always a special touch with it. You beautify the ambiance and bring us joy. It is no wonder that artists paint flowers and produce various materials. Children want to make paper flowers and interior designers often rely on flower pattern. So you can it understand also how big our fascination with was when we encountered the magical flower rush Cobra Lily in Instagram.

Artistic perfection and attention to detail

paper flowers craft delicate flower paper art

Cobra Lily on German Cobra lily is actually the online shop by the American artist Kate Alarcón. The Cobra lily is a charming and very rare plant of the sarraceniaceae family. It is typical for Northern California and the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The creative work of Kate is just as rare and irritating.

You customize that beautiful flowers from crepe paper. Also thicker paper and cardboard and tissue paper is used depending on the needs. The artist has a weakness for spring flowers such as daffodils and peonies, but also splendid roses, orchids and even cacti and Succulents can be found in their shop. They all look not only incredibly real, but completely easy to care for and this understandably quite durable also unlike real flowers.

Look at these gorgeous paper flowers and embellish it your home or the festive table!

Delicate spring flowers as a gift

paper flowers craft daffodils Peony poppy flowers paper art flowers

Colourful thimbles

paper flowers craft papercraft summer flowers bells

For true fans of daffodils

paper flowers make colorful paper Daffodil yellow white

Stand on Succulents?

paper flowers craft diy ideas decode succulent paper art

Even the Cobra Lily

paper flowers craft yellow flowers

Beautiful yellow roses

paper flowers craft paper art yellow roses

Really ravishing – the carbine

paper flowers craft Nasturtium orange flowers paper art

Majestic orchids

paper flowers craft paper art orchiedeen

paper flowers craft papercraft flower decoration

paper flowers craft paper art flowers fold yellow flowers

paper flowers craft diy decorating paper art

paper flowers craft papercraft Peony

paper flowers craft paper art Red Roses

paper flowers craft papercraft summer flowers

tinker paper flowers pink rose paper art

paper flowers summer flowers make succulent bouquet

paper flowers make colorful paper art

paper flowers craft succulent diy ideas

paper flowers craft White Peony art paper

paper flowers craft succulent cacti