Pens, From Which One Home Can Be A Garden Making

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indoor garden DIY projects pins

DIY garden at home

If we could go get the “small” garbage from our homes, we would be much further. This also applies to the pins.

Designers and other experts have thought, and therefore created pencils are to plants. They are so even after they are no longer to use, be of great benefit. So you could create a great Garden stop home.

Inside i m PIN is there a seed, then somewhere you can plant in a flower pot. The selection is admirable: ring flower, coriander, tomatoes, dill, eggplant, Jalapeño, mint, parsley, radish, Sage, thyme, tomatoes and so on.

DIY indoor garden

“Sprout” is the name of the monastery, and he is otherwise absolutely easy and common. He has a wooden base and is visually also very appealing. The results can be enjoyed after a very short time. Because, If you do everything right, it can create its own vegetable garden at home.

Now let’s look the capsule at the close , in which the seed is located. You need not to worry about, that at some point, unless you want to, from a tomato or to grow.

How is it going?

DIY projects pins garden itself make

DIY fun projects

garden DIY projects pins extraordinarily

The pins are

indoor garden cool DIY projects pins

indoor garden growing DIY projects pins

Rather, you need special conditions to enable the process of growth. The seeds must come into contact with water. In practice, this works pretty easily.

You must insert the capsule the pen in Earth. How exactly you see on the image above. Once you pour the pot, she will begin to dissolve. At some point, the sprouts in the garden will appear normal.

A pen planted – is it possible?

DIY projects pins garden itself making

Water will be asked

indoor garden cool DIY projects pins

On Freshideen, we find that this idea simply brilliant fits the lifestyle of modern people. Because you can easily take care the environment and have a benefit. U isnkompliziert unlike many other ideas. Who needs because not at home fresh herbs and small vegetables? Now you can keep them in one and the same place!

Pins go to plants

garden DIY project pins plant

And whether one throws out the pins, or uses in a pot – what is the difference! Would you also like to save time, grow spices and worry about the environment, if it’s so easy?

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