Picture Borders: What Can You Do With It? -DIY 20 Inspirational Ideas

An original and useful usage of image strips all over the House

The image strips were rediscovered in recent years for many different uses. With these, you could correct any disadvantages of your interior quickly and easily. Thus, you can go much further than you would suppose maybe just spontaneously. Here are some great ideas for it!

The next examples look at and surprise yourself!

Do you need even more space to hang your clothes at the entrance? You ensure this easily and quickly thanks to some image bars with hoes.

At the same time different small Lady bags, keys and other usable items for everyday use are to eliminate it.

Image strips in the entrance area

image making hanger ideas diy ideas

Place for handbags

image diy ideas afford flurmobel handbags

This idea is so practical and at the same time very easy

image diy ideas afford flurmobel robe hook wall shelf virtually

You want to bring more green home decor in one or more rooms? You can spread a little Earth on image strips and insert some Succulents. This is among other things an excellent strategy for wall decoration.

More room for Succulents

image diy ideas afford low maintenance succulent houseplants

Do you like the idea for the storage of bicycles on the wall? Why because not: This industrial-looking decorations are practical for small apartments. Actually, image strips are a welcome help in this case.

Bring your bike on the wall!

image making bicycle store diy ideas

Make your beautiful plate and other plate on the wall next to the dining table! Thanks to stacked the bars can be just vertical position. So a dish presentation has a highly original decorative value.

Make your favorite dishes wall decoration!

make image plate issue wanddeko itself make

Have you lost the overview over all your jewelry? Bring some hooks on the bottom side of a bar and hang all there. If you have a monochromatic sleeping room, this practical concept has at the same time decorative.

Hang your jewelry and thus decorate the bedroom

image diy ideas afford jewellery storage

Do you need more storage space in your small bathroom? Here again, the optimal solution is the use of image strips. This is an ideal approach that unnecessarily restricts the bathroom.

The strips can be used twice for pictures. Above the area could serve as a storage room and attach hooks for towels to the lower side.

Additional storage space in the small bathroom

bilderleisten bathroom shelves diy ideas

image practical diy ideas afford heating

Children should be encouraged to read more. Bring a picture molding on the wall of your room and make or put the books that currently represent a priority there.

Tuck some great books on the wall in the nursery

image kinderbucher diy ideas make as Bucher shelf use

image afford nursery furniture diy ideas Bucher shelf

Never going to find the craft, you just need?  Solve this problem again by image strips. Drill these holes and accommodate the screwdriver and similar in all sizes there.

Craft finally cleaned up!

image wall shelf diy ideas make tool

Where you also always like to read magazines – in the living room, in the toilet, or in another room, it helps further if they are nicely cleaned up. For this purpose, you can build a wall of magazines.

Image strips for your favorite magazines

image make diy ideas kitchen wall shelf rezeptbucher

The examples already mentioned have certainly shown you the use of image strips can be as varied and extensive. While we have not mentioned still so many great ideas: the image strips are suitable to House of spices in the kitchen, Nail Polish, children’s drawings, coffee mugs, and much more.

And you know what: you can make great headboards or room divider from this?

And much, much more!

image diy ideas make shoe shelf wallpicture make Wall shelves nail polish bottles

image diy ideas make cake regale

image diy ideas make cake regale for spicesimage diy ideas make bedroom wall shelf

image making children's drawings exhibit wanddeko diy ideasmake image bedroom diy bed headboard