Picture Frame In Baroque Optics Beautify

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frame itself make gold Baroque frame

Frame your own make – gold frame in Baroque style

Perhaps have you seen Yes an ornate picture frame shop which you may like, but whose Farbe does not fit to your apartment? Or you are even a frame in Baroque style in the attic? Perfect! Because you can turn him in an instant to a unique piece of jewelry which puts all your images in the right light.

Prepare the picture frame

In a newly-purchased part not much must be prepared normally: this step especially for old picture frame is therefore relevant. Cracks in the wood can be filled with acrylic filler. Using a spatula smooth the surface then again. Take some sand paper to hand (240 grit is best) and smooth the edges. If the color in some places already flaking off, you can immediately also remove the varnish layer of the old frame with sand paper after.

frame itself make gold frame Baroque

Apply the first coat

Select an acrylic paint as a primer. Darker colors can appear part of the classically chic, while contrasting colours are magnificent and pompous. Take a soft brush and apply the stain to the entire frame. Also, make sure that reaches the color in all corners and edges of the ornaments. This is especially necessary if the original color of the border stands out clearly from your chosen Foundation.

frame itself make Baroque mirror frame

With gold tone accents

Use gold paint in liquid form. So you get about the best the desired baroque look. With gold leaf or gold spray, the desired effect can be produced only very cumbersome. Using a brush or a cloth, the color can be applied on the one hand very specifically and gets the look of a faded painting on the other hand at the same time.

picture frame itself make Baroque frame with image

Access to a broad bristle brush and leave it in a dry state. Target is to record as little colour as possible with the brush, so that no flat opaque, but a grazing on painting, in which the color of the substrate remains visible. How to proceed: the brush in the color appear and as long as at the edge of the Farbtopfs Strip, until no color drops more form and the colour of the bristles is clearly visible. To further reduce the amount of color in the brush, you can strip in addition it on paper or pulp. Before the first line on the frame prefer something less color on the brush bring and rework if necessary. It is important that the color does not run.

frame itself make Baroque photo frame

After apply the remaining paint shall be liable to the bristles, to the relief of the picture frame. Thus, only the highest level of the profile is painted, while the deeper points kept the tone of the first coat. So proceed until the edges look golden enough to you. It is only important that the gold color directly from the paint onto the frame.

Continue to develop the framework

The frame can be treated in conclusion with wax. This is a so-called “shabby wax” or a simple colourless candle. It is this carefully on the frame. Finally polished it all with a dry cloth.

frame itself make gold Baroque frame

The frame can also further decorate themselves with decoupage or figurines that you attached using hot glue on the frame. Be sure only, not design to overload the piece. Otherwise, the effect of the image would be lost because too much distracting picture frame.

frame itself make Baroque frame flowers

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