Pillow Sewing – Guidance And Ideas On How To Make Pillow Cases For The Home Decoration Itself

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Pillows are never enough in an apartment! They offer more comfort on the sofa and provide comfort in the chair! Also floor cushions find a nice application at home: They make the home comfortable and offer additional seating. If you sit on pillows, you can rely on a flexible decoration in your own four walls. Cushion covers in different colors and patterns offer a rich variety of decoides in the modern apartment.

Colors-fiery patterns spice up every room

bring pillow-sewing-colored-pillowcases-atmospheric-in-the-room

With pillows it can be really colorful! This can also be used to finish the interior, without setting any accents. Thus, interior designs are also possible in which the individual elements harmonize perfectly with each other. You can also make wonderful pillows themselves. With button or zipper, colorful or subtle and elegant, pillow covers bring a fresh touch into the room.

If you also want to sew cushions, create the necessary materials and collect enough inspiration from our picture gallery!

Select subtle patterns for the pillowcases

pillow-sewing-and-the-living room sofa-decorate

What do you need for the pillow case:

  • Cotton fabric for front and back
  • Endless zipper with one zipper per pillow
  • Cloth shears and, if necessary, roller cutters and cutting mat
  • pins

Through the right motifs bring summer mood into the living room


How to sew a pillowcase with zipper?

  • Measure the length, height and width of the cushion correctly.
  • For a 40 x 40 cm cushion you need close-up (NZ) of 1.5 cm for the lower side and NZ of 1 cm for all others.
  • Cut the front and back of the fabric.
  • Also cut the zipper, which should be about 2 cm shorter than the pillow. This will be on the underside of the pad.
  • Front and back part right on the right, with the beautiful sides one over the other.
  • The bottom side, where the zipper should be
  • Make a mark from the left to the right 3 cm from the edge
  • The first 3 cm to the mark with a straight line with the sewing machine together.
  • Increase the stitch length as much as possible, about 5 cm, then go to the normal stitch length of 2 cm.
  • Do not forget to lock at the beginning and end always
  • Put on the zip, slightly above the mark.
  • Iron the sewing allowance at the pillow.
  • Place the zipper on the left side of the cushion with the zipper down on the center of the seam.
  • Make a mark to where it is to be sewn later.
  • Turn the cover once to the right.
  • Transfer the needles from the left side to the right side of the fabric.
  • Insert the zipper foot of the sewing machine
  • Place the needle on the side of the foot on which the zipper is placed.
  • Sew as far as the marker and on the other side as well.
  • Sew up the seam above the zipper: this is the seam that was previously sewn in large cuts.
  • A zipper about 2/3 open, the turning opening actually.
  • Lay the beautiful cushion sides on the right side to the right and put the three open sides together.
  • Sew the three sides together with the overlock machine.
  • Turn the zipper.
  • Press the corners out.
  • Iron the pillowcase.

Find a cushion in the appropriate size and plug it into the cover. Then decorate your apartment with the new pillow!

In this video you can see how to sew a pillow case with hotel closures step by step.

Sofakissen are a universal decoration, independent of space and style. For every room, matching colors and motifs are to be found, which influence the room mood. These are always added when color is in the room or when the final touch is missing in the room… Decorate your living room with a self-sewn pillow or make a unique gift!


Pillow sew-color-pillow case-by-the-leather sofa
pillow-sewing diy-ideas-for-the-okras

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