Plant Pots And Decorative Vases, The Unusual Appearance

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flowerpots decoration vases of Eneida Tavares basket ceramic

Designer planting pots and decorative vases by Eneida Tavares

Surely you’ve seen several de Kog objects that have impressed you. It is impossible, that other plant pots and decorative vases a similar impression can make you, as this, you are now seeing. Each piece represents a real work of art. Actually you can see hard at first glance, whether really flower pots and vases, or rather unusual sculptures, the beautiful indoor appear.

Elegant decoration vase, which could be great in your home, and it gives it a natural touch

decoration vase Eneida Tavares design ceramic basket

The White material and the pine-needles together form a beautiful whole

plant pots, decorative vases of Eneida Tavares

Very unbalanced design of plant containers that look like baskets

flowerpots decoration vases designs basket

In our today’s article we try to inspire you through the fascinating models of designer Eneida Tavares . She has created a collection called Caruma. The flower pots and decorating vases included in this collection are unique, because the designer has combined the weaving of baskets and ceramic technology in its design. One can see all other decoration characterized it, you have ever seen. She used pine needles collected in the forests of Caldas da Rainha in Portugal and combined the traditional ceramic technology with Angolans weaving of baskets. So was this great collection, which today is the speech.

These designs are reminiscent of sculptures

Dekovasen Eneida Tavares design modern

Plant container in shades of green

Eneida Tavares planting pot design basket

Appropriately, this collection was called Caruma, because this is the Portuguese term for pine needles. These vases and plant containers were inspired by the Angolan roots, as well from the area where Tavares created their models.

Elegant models

flowerpots Eneida Tavares Korbähnlich ceramic

These plant containers will spice up any environment

Eneida Tavares planting pots Dekovasen ceramic basket

A Halloween decoration that can be

ceramic basket combining Eneida Tavares

Tavares tried to show that intercultural dialogue can guide them through their work the way.

These basket-like models are beautiful creatures

designer Eneida Tavares decorating flowerpots

Extravaganteres design

Eneida Tavares designer decorative vases

The designer colors trying to combine textures and artisanal work, to create a new landscape through objects and experiences with gestures and habits of everyday life.

The technique, as the plant containers are created

flowerpots of design Eneida Tavares original

It seems to be a painstaking craft work

plant pots decorate Eneida Tavares design basket ceramic

The plant container by Eneida Tavares bring the ambience of nature

fancy decorative vases flower posts of Eneida Tavares

Designer decorative vases are but a fresh note in the apartment

Eneida Tavares breathtaking Dekovasen ceramic basket

These plants containers didn’t seem very modern and fresh?

flowerpots design decoration ideas of Eneida Tavares

Here you can consider closer the craft work

Ppflanztöpfe Eneida Tavares basket sewing

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