Playful Ideas For DIY Decoration That Will Improve Your Wintry Mood

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Can one make January a celebration of good mood? Fulfill your everyday life with little pleasures and improve your winter mood. It is easy to overcome the depression most people feel after the long festive season. For example, Some playful DIY decoration ideas can make a big difference in your everyday life. With a few handles and materials, you could now transform your home. And you have the feeling that you have transformed your life in time for the beginning of the new year!

Your favorite items can make a great DIY decoration

work table DIY decoration living room

DIY decoration ideas for the storage area in living room or bedroom

Hide everything from the perspective of ? In fact, this creates a very pleasant and quiet mood in the living room or bedroom. But there are always a few little things, such as 2 or 3 books, a few pieces of jewelry and maybe a mirror that you need again and again.

Instead of taking the trouble to take them out again and again, you could make a great decoration out of them. Like in the picture above!

Even something as boring as a DIY soap dispenser can turn into exciting decoration

bathroom DIY decoration or kitchen

Utensils with decorative effect

Look at your utensils. Surely they perform their functions very well, but they could also do one added value to add to your decoration. Is that the case everywhere? If not, then you can exchange one or the other piece for something else, which is more interesting in decorative terms. In many cases, it pays to rely on self-made works. As with the soap dispenser above.

Use the fold-out furniture as a storage area for decoration

Designer Shelf DIY Decoration

Decorate rarely used seats

In the picture above, we have two small stools that you can easily fold up and take away. If you do not use them often enough, that just makes sense. But you could actually leave them there in the meantime and use them as a great storage area. That’s exactly what you have chosen here.

Great magazines are also suitable as a DIY decoration

DIY decorative acrylic box

Show your hobbies!

Do you have a hobby? Do you enjoy reading magazines or do you prefer to play music? In these two and many other cases, the tools and materials needed to do so could also serve as decoration. Position them strategically well and attractively in the room and so they have a double benefit of it.

You could also use this DIY cake stand for other purposes

DIY deco elegant cake stand

Try a new recipe!

Yes, we know that most of us overeat our PC. But you could still try a delicious recipe sometime in January. It could be a healthy pie idea. This will certainly get you in the mood and remind you that the good moments are still ahead of us this year. Then present your culinary works in a particularly appealing way! This also improves the mood of family members and guests.

Even the dishes can be used for decoration!

DIY decoration kitchenware idea

Make something special out of everyday activities!

The simple DIY ideas from our article all carry the same message: Make the little things special! You should choose every item carefully at home. He should not only serve you well, but also look beautiful and thus improve the atmosphere at home. So discover the decoration in everything and make it stand out!

Or maybe you can make a scene out of a few toys to a funny theme?

DIY decoration exotic look

Hanging plants are always a well-functioning decoration idea

DIY decoration hanging planter

Such a green wall will certainly improve your mood

DIY deco wood frame moss

It is very dark in January! These great candlesticks give you more light and warmth!

DIY decoration candleholders idea

Even children’s books are sometimes appealing DIY decoration

DIY decoration nursery idea
DIY decoration garden design
DIY decoration small candles
tin DIY decoration cuddly
DIY decoration contrast white and plant
DIY decoration kitchen idea

The children’s drawings make your little ones proud and serve as decoration

DIY decoration multicolored baskets
DIY Deco Mobilee Kids
Plug in DIY decoration plants
DIY decoration plants and other objects
DIY decoration romantic look

Your key hanger in the hallway could be a real work of art!

DIY decoration key hanging up
DIY deco beautiful utility items
DIY decoration sponge discreetly
DIY decorative sofa and other furniture
DIY Deco cup Pflaner

Do you like this vintage tote bag as a DIY decoration?

DIY decoration great bag
DIY decoration great cups
DIY decoration great puzzle
DIY decoration vases
DIY decoration ornament for the wall
DIY decoration wall design with plants

Thus, utensils become decoration!

DIY decoration few items
simple wall design DIY decoration
trim area DIY decorative carpet
Find items DIY decoration books
Wooden object DIY decoration

Also the coffee for breakfast can look decorative!

Coffee Mugs DIY Deco
dresses wardrobe DIY deco
small planters DIY decoration
Kitchen utensils DIY decoration

This homemade decoration brings together exoticism and rustic flair

rural flair DIY decoration
retro style DIY decoration
Bowl with nice objects DIY decoration
bin DIY decoration idea

You can also make black and white works of art yourself!

great artwork DIY decoration
great table DIY decoration
Saucers and candles DIY decoration
four DIY decoration succulents

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