Practical Tips For Your Home Renovation In Spring

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practical tips spring decoration refreshment Easter plants

Practical tips for an easy transition into spring

Do you want a smooth slide into next spring? Then, our tips are extra for you: Add bright colors, energetic patterns and vibrant spring motives to your decor at home, to have an easy transition into spring.

Practical tips for original decorating

practical tips spring decoration soft orange light

(1) brisk spring decor

Create a casual living room, decorate it with juicy citrus colors. Add colorful vases add, patterned pillows and rugs and artefacts from the flea market around the room without spice effort.

Make funny and cheerful mural

practical tips spring decoration soft bedding pink

(2) renovation of the bedroom in spring

You can have your bedroom look a bit better by adding to a nice floral pattern fabric on the headboard. Adorn the bare walls with inexpensive album frame with patterned paper filled.

Change the wallpaper

practical tips spring decoration refreshing dining area Tapettenwechsel

(3) optical wallpapers update

You can still refresh your space with a simple optical upgrade. Use detachable wall-paper, the work is easy as child’s play.

Unusual wall decoration – light and fresh

practical tips spring decoration refreshment mural yellow

(4) in the round

Carved ceiling rosettes can also decorate your wall. They are available in various shades of yellow and definitely add style in your living room. There are also inexpensive and easily find them on any hardware store and still easy to hang on any wall.

5) with a half dozen

A collection of egg on the desktop is an attractive organization. Fill the cups with small desk paraphernalia – paper clips, stamps, cut flowers and candies.

(6) various patterns

This chest of drawers owes its dynamic appearance of masterful work on the drawer fronts with Spühkleber. Try the same idea to liven up a white lamp screen.

(7) simple spring centerpiece

Bring the spring home and create a joyous atmosphere by you forms a Fiddlehead. He will certainly provide a striking statement in your home and your spring centerpiece. Ferns are budget-friendly option, but bring greenery into the room and say it clearly – the spring is already here!

Flash colors have a strong and fresh impact

practical tips spring decoration refreshment mural images

(8) simple renovation

You can change your space on the easiest way and refresh. Choose a spring color, that makes you happy to paint a wall or the entire room in this color. Can insert and colour accents, you new paint the window in a matching colour. What do you have: new walls, new window and then you might a new carpet and small accessories a brand new rooms to the coming of spring!

(9) replace your lamp-shade

Funny family photos on an interesting background

practical tips spring decoration refreshment mural photos

(10) Peel and stick – style

Peel and stick – wall decals are a quick and easy update to any smooth surface. This baumhohe sticker serves as a mural backdrop for framed family photos.

Did you at some point decoupage?

practical tips spring decoration refreshment wall decoupage

(11) beautify the wall

(12) fruit and flowers

Combine, if that were possible, to make beautiful colorful accents.

Let come up with unusual ideas

advice fresh spring idea frame bird

(13) the basic necessities

Turn inexpensive coasters in graphic art on the walls.

(14) straight there

With little effort and filter light, you create a subtle atmosphere in your living room. These curtains come in a plain white option, pale colors and punchy patterns, like the strips shown here. Clips make it easy to hang them and later to replace curtain.

Beautiful shutters with floral patterns can also cool the whole room

advice fresh spring idea shutters window flower pattern yellow

(15) wonderful window

Sometimes all you need to renew a room for the new season, is a new window treatment. Use pretty roller blinds with floral patterns and your window looks like a work of art!

(16) renew also the bird cage

Let the walls cannot be blank!

advice fresh spring idea picture frame flowers craft

(17) simple packaging decoration

A symmetrical grouping of flowery will leave a blank wall look beautiful.

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