Prepare The Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day

“Sun cannot be without light, man cannot be without love!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Centuries after the great German classic Wolfgang Goethe wrote these words, one repeatedly discovers the truth in them and rejoices in the finest feeling of the soul! Love occupies us daily, it moves our minds and influences our actions. The love thermometer rises especially high, shortly before the most beautiful day of love, 14 February. Love is in the air and many couples in love ask themselves how they can celebrate the beautiful feast in a cozy togetherness. It’s best to start preparing for it a few weeks before Valentine’s Day so that you can surprise and delight your loved one nicely and pleasantly on this day. We want to present you with some great ideas and practical tips on how to prepare your romantic DIY Valentine’s Day.

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In this article, you will learn how to make a special gift for your love, surprise your lover with a 3-course menu on Valentine’s Day, decorate the table and provide discreet lighting at home. On the 14th of February, you can relax and pamper yourself and your partner with massage oils and celebrate an unforgettable feast full of sensuality and rose scent at home!

Valentine's Day

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift – What, how and why to give?

It’s strange how few people take the day of lovers seriously, even though all the shop windows wave our hearts to us and all the radio stations broadcast only love songs. You are in love again! You are still 13, but nevertheless, the massive pink-red wave manages to take you with it and force you to a small, but a quite romantic expression.

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The homemade gift best expresses the feelings

diy valentine's day gift diy valentine's day making scissors and paper


In recent years, around 1000 tons of roses have been delivered to Germany alone via Lufthansa Cargo for the Romantic Festival. Maybe there is a romantic in each of us who wants to be lured out? What about you? Have you always wanted to send an anonymous Valentine’s card or surprise someone in a similar romantic way?

The most beautiful thing you can do is always simple

DIY Valentines Day Gift DIY Valentines Day Folding Heart Hands

If your answer to the above question is positive, but you still have the ambition to prepare something homemade and very individual, we recommend that you take a look at our DIY tips and add your personal handwriting to your favorite idea.

The most beautiful Valentine’s Day present is a personal confession

diy valentine's day gift diy valentine's message on fridge

The world is much nicer thanks to the love

DIY Valentines Gift DIY Valentine's Day Garden Decorations Hearts

The warmth counts

In order for a gift to be chosen correctly, you need a reference to both the occasion and the person you want to give it to. It doesn’t have to be big, just a hint that will put a smile back on your face. It’s even better to surprise someone who looks at himself as lonely and alone and doesn’t count on romance and attention at all. No matter how big or small your gift is or who you have chosen as Valentine for this year, honesty and cordiality should be evident on your DIY Valentine’s Day gift.

With a stuffed animal you can also express your feelings

diy valentines gift diy valentines day character design little animal

Follow the rules of the game and always find another reason to love

diy valentine's gift diy valentine's game rule

It is less important what you give, the more important is how you do it

You can always make a nice surprise by all means

diy valentines gift diy valentine's day LED business pink

Romantic would be Valentine’s gift to make yourself

A classic and always welcome DIY Valentine’s Day gift is, of course, the Valentine’s Card. In the following videos and photos, you will find some very romantic ideas, as well as detailed instructions on how to implement them.

A really nice DIY Valentine’s Day gift is a lantern to make

DIY Valentine's Gift DIY Valentine's Day Wind Lanterns Crafting Heart

Simple, fast and funny – follow your gut feeling

Lanterns enhance the romance-like atmosphere and fill the room with love

Diy Valentine's Gift DIY Valentine's Day Wind Lights DIY

There should also be jokes and irony in love

Sweet messages, memories of the first date or unspoken feelings can be expressed through your little DIY Valentine’s Day gift on this cold winter’s day. Craft your personal Valentine’s gift with resins and let someone know that he is loved and meaningful!

Love can definitely arise in the office. For this gift idea would be conceivable

diy valentine gift diy valentine colleague secret

Even if your gift remains anonymous, you are guaranteed to whet your appetite for a while

DIY Valentine's Gift DIY Valentine's Day USB Stick Heart

With matching pens, you can bring your personal love message spontaneously on the cup

diy valentine's gift diy valentine's cup self-label

The ready-painted cup can then be filled with something delicious

diy valentines gift diy valentines day cup with sweets colorful

A promise as a proof of love should be kept

diy valentines gift diy valentines day different think succulent

The gift ideas should match the emotional state

DIY Valentine's Gift DIY Valentine's Day DIY Ideas Matchstick

To give oneself with love, one could do each day

DIY Valentine's Day Gift DIY Valentine's Pendant Necklace

Love always finds a nice expression

diy valentine's gift diy valentine's day picture

A DIY Valentine’s Day card can be the most beautiful gift

DIY Valentine's Day Gift DIY Valentine's Day Folding Valentine's Day Card

The lover can lovingly decorate by all means

diy valentines gift diy valentine's day deco idea

Those who know each other well can also understand jokes

diy valentines day gift diy valentine's day for him

Romantic table decoration for Valentine’s Day

Anyone who is in love and romantically attuned can confess his feelings to his lover on February 14th. One of the best ways to do that is to have a diligently prepared romantic dinner. But the table for Valentine’s Day does not have to be brought to the foreground, it’s a testament to real love! Some effort would be needed, right?!

It is said that love goes through the stomach! But even the eye would have to be full on this day! For example, the Valentines Day table will not miss the colors and shapes that are typical of this day… tablecloth and table runners, as well as small touches in red and pink shades, are a must on the dining table on February 14th! Beautifully folded napkins in heart shape complete the overall picture…

A candlelight dinner is the least you need to plan on the day of love! Because candles create the best romantic atmosphere… What else makes for romance are, of course, the flowers! So do not forget the elegant floral deco on this special day!

DIY Valentine’s Day prepare table decoration with the smallest details!

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration elegant table decoration white plate red napkin

Those of you who value the home-made could decorate the candle jars or put small vases of heart-shaped flowers on the table. Spread pink petals on the tablecloth or decorate with heart-shaped confetti! Help yourself to your creativity and create beautiful decorations made of preserving jars!

If you prefer a simple Valentines Day table decoration, then spread a romantic mood through beautifully decorated cutlery. Tie a red bow around this and you have it! Or maybe you prefer helium balloons?

On February 14, many wonder if Valentine’s Day might be superfluous in the holiday calendar. But if this day brings a smile to the face of so many people, it should be celebrated, right? If you prefer a romantic dinner instead of a material Valentine’s Day present, then collect ideas for the table decoration on Valentine’s Day from the following small picture gallery. Traditional or something more creative, the table decoration needs to be considered in good time!

Combining red nuances in an elegant way

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration dark red tablecloth

Valentine’s Day table can be so inviting!…

DIY Valentines Day Romantic Table Decoration Table Decoration Valentines Day Red Pink

Decorate the table for Valentine’s Day romantically and in fresh colors

DIY Valentines Day romantic table decor lanterns red roses

Spice up Valentine’s Day table with creative decoration ideas

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration sweets fancy tablecloth

Festive and fresher table decoration could hardly be the day of the lovers!

DIY Valentines Day romantic table top plate pink hearts

Prepare an edible table decoration for the feast of love

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration strawberries sugar decoration

Creative idea for a table runner, do not you think?!

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration table decoration Valentine's Day

Create a cozy and romantic atmosphere through the right color combination

DIY Valentine's Day Romantic Table Decoration Red White

Table decoration with messages

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration hearts red accents

Napkins take an important part in the table decoration for Valentine’s Day

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table top napkins fold ideas

Romance must radiate the table decoration for Valentine’s Day!

Prepare the romantic DIY Valentine's Day

Not intrusive, but so diligently the table can be the most romantic day of the year!

DIY Valentines Day romantic table decoration hearts floral pattern

Prepare for DIY Valentine’s Day and bravely decorate with hearts!

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration hearts different colors

Celebrate the beautiful party with small decorative items

DIY Valentines Day Romantic Table Decor Gift Simple Classic Decorating Ideas

A romantic dinner is a nice gift!

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration colored tableware

Every single detail spreads so much romance…

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration red dominant color

Beautiful eyecatcher in red on the table

DIY Valentines Day Romantic Table Decoration Table Decoration Valentines Day Flower Balls

With table decoration in red and white, you hit the mark!

DIY Valentines Day romantic table decoration fresh deco ideas red white

Candles turn the diner into a romantic DIY Valentine’s Day!

DIY Valentine's Day romantic table decoration lantern red glasses

DIY Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day menu and drinks for pure romance!

As people often say, love goes through the stomach! We continue with our great tips for a DIY Valentine’s Day and propose a full 3-course Valentine’s Day menu to make the evening perfect in togetherness.

Valentine’s menu for a perfect DIY Valentine’s Day

Party Salad DIY Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Menu

Prepare unusual salads for DIY Valentine’s Day

Let’s start with a fancy salad. This could be, for example, a green salad with smoked salmon, an exotic corn salad or a leafy salad with a slightly sweet taste. Choose one according to your taste and to match the main course. Of course, you can also choose another salad according to your preferences.

Prepare loving food

valentines day diy valentines day delicious cooking

Chicken fillets with mustard and tarragon as the main course

This recipe is enjoyable and easy to prepare. You need the following ingredients:
• 4 chicken fillets
• 250 ml of cream
• 1 tbsp mustard
• 1/2 tsp tarragon
• 2 tablespoons oil
• Salt and pepper

The ingredients are for 4 servings!

The preparation
Taste the fillets with salt and pepper to taste. Roast them in preheated oil. Add the cream, mustard, and tarragon in the same oil and stir well. When it starts to boil, put the chicken fillets back in and pour in the sauce a few times. Then you have to turn it into a baking pan and bake for 15 minutes until the fillets are tender. As an accompaniment, you can serve potatoes, rice or corn salad.

DIY Valentine’s Dessert: Tiramisu in the glass

Valentine's Day Dessert Valentine's Day Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day desserts

Something sweet must also be on the table on February 14th. How about a popular Italian dessert, but served in an unusual way? Tiramisu in the glass is our suggestion to sweeten your romantic dinner. Sponge biscuits, mascarpone, amaretto, and strong coffee are among the main ingredients of this recipe. This DIY Valentine’s Dessert will not only taste great but wake you up after the delicious meal to continue enjoying your togetherness. Here also the full tiramisu recipe,

Champagne for Valentine’s Day

drink ideas diy valentines day valentine's day menu

Beverage ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day

Leave the red wine you usually drink for another occasion. Prepare a simple cocktail of champagne in fire-red color. In two champagne glasses, add 2 tablespoons of cold blackcurrant juice and the rest fill with champagne. Done is your DIY Valentine’s Day cocktail.

Last minute Valentine’s menu for a romantic DIY Valentine’s Day

last minute valentine's day menu diy valentine's day

Example menu for the 14th of February

Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Valentine's Day

Also, make a thematic decoration

diy valentines day valentines menu food prepared

Prepare sushi as a DIY Valentine’s Day dinner

Valentine's Day sushi prepare diy valentine's day

Prepare a romantic mini cheesecake

mini cheesecake diy valentine's day valentines menu

Heart shaped pizza

Valentine's Day Pizza DIY Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Menu

DIY Valentines Day and DIY Chocolate Valentines Day Drinks

Valentines Day Drinks DIY Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Menu

Prepare everything for DIY Valentine’s Day yourself

Valentine's menu 3 course menu diy valentine's day

The right atmosphere is important

romantic dinner valentines day diy valentine's day

Prepare the menu for DIY Valentine’s Day together with your partner

DIY Valentine's Day food prepare valentines menu

Great idea for Valentine’s Day cake

diy valentines day valentines pie valentines day menu

The men can also prepare Valentine’s Day meal

prepare dinner valentines day diy valentines day

Baking bread for DIY Valentine’s Day

DIY Valentine's Day Baking Baking Valentine's Day Menu

Pasta with shrimps and Alfredo sauce

pasta with alfredo sauce diy valentine's day

A creative idea for the dessert on DIY Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day dessert valentine's day menu baking cake

Most of the self-made are appreciated

Macarons Valentine's Day Dessert Valentine's Day DIY Valentine's Day

The right lighting and a lot of candlelight

Of course, you have to enjoy the togetherness on Valentine’s Day in a cozy home. An imaginative lighting design helps you create the perfect atmosphere for the Day of Love. A successful combination of candles and fairy lights plays a very important role for the entire decoration on this day. No other design element is as effective as beautiful scented candles and fairy lights.

DIY ideas give every room a charming look. Scented and gel candles will provide a romantic atmosphere. You can make the candlesticks very easily. According to statistics, the natural materials are preferred for any DIY project. Wood and metal parts are very suitable for decoration with candles. An alternative is the preserving jars, which can be decorated with cool illustrations.

Creativity and romance in one

DIY valentines day little fairy lights

After you have made some decorations with candles, you can move on to the next point, namely to make the wall decoration. With the help of fairy lights, you can create a real highlight in every room. Bring the fairy lights out of storage space again, because these decorative elements give your own four walls an inviting look on Valentine’s Day. Thanks to the great flexibility of the lights, you can make any desired shape. The selection of a cool color is also considered important for February 14th.

Pink, red and warm white are among the shades that are best for this day. Position the fairy lights strategically in the rooms, so that a surprise effect can be achieved. Make romantic figures using the lights or use different materials. Current DIY deco ideas are the figures this year, such as small hearts made of rattan.

Materials like rattan are among the most popular DIY Valentine’s Day ideas

Lighting design Valentines Day ideas

It is very often the case that Valentine’s Day is a weekday and you leave the preparation for the last moment. After introducing some attractive DIY ideas, we would like to look at a last-minute project. For that, you need normal little candles or tealights. These products make for attractive lighting design. Be creative and make little figures that can be positioned in different rooms. Different motives and textures can be combined easily and with a little creativity, perfect figures can be formed. Individual phrases like “I love you” and heart shapes are among the most popular decorations with candles. The number of tealights can vary, depending in principle on the size of your DIY idea. So buy enough tealight candles for a perfect Valentine’s Day surprise!

Little hearts make for a romantic atmosphere

DIY valentines day ideas and tips

Fairy lights can form different shapes

make ideas for Valentine's Day yourself

Make cool candlesticks

Hearts and candles for Valentine's Day

Position romantic fairy lights in space

Fairy lights in pink as decoration

Hearts are considered a very popular symbol of Valentine’s Day

DIY Valentine's Day make ideas

Surprise your partner with the latest ideas

Recent DIY tips for Valentine's Day

Natural materials are perfect for candle holders

DIY valentines candles and candlesticks

Decorate any room cool and celebrate your DIY Valentine’s Day!

cool ideas for Valentine's Day

The lighting design on Valentine’s Day plays an important role

Heart with lights as an alternative DIY Valentine's Day

Make creative shapes with fairy lights

Ideas and Tips DIY Valentine's Day

Last minute DIY projects are more and more successful

Tealights ideas and candles

Nice messages are considered an important symbol of Valentine’s Day

DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas tips

Create a cool idea to your taste

DIY valentine's day lighting

Surprise your partner with the best ideas

romantic ideas guide

Put great emphasis on lighting design

Gift ideas DIY Valentine's Day tips

The flexibility of the rattan provides many benefits

diy ideas for valentines day

Choose only well selected decoration elements

Projects DIY Valentine's Day

It could not be more romantic!

current projects and gift ideas

Sensually decorate the bedroom and celebrate a romantic DIY Valentine’s Day

If your bedroom is already furnished in a romantic style, it would of course be optimal and easy to make the room the perfect love nest for Valentine’s Day. Rococo, Vintage, Shabby Chic and Rustic are ideal as furnishing styles for this purpose and give the necessary pinch of sensuality. But if your bedroom is not decorated in one of these styles, then you have nothing to worry about. Because you can decorate it very quickly and simply lovingly and to match the feast of the lovers. We have some tips and suggestions for you.

First step to the romantic bedchamber

After experienced Feng-Shui experts, it is important to exclude old, unnecessary energy from the bedroom. That means – clean up first! Namely, the life energy Qi can flow undisturbed through the room and provide for more harmony and in this case for more sensuality and passion. Dirty clothes, ironing board, laptop & Co. have in principle lost nothing in the bedroom and disturb as well as the quiet sleep and the pleasant atmosphere. Then wipe off the dust, do not forget!

Make for more sensuality in the bedroom

diy valentine's day bedroom decorate rose petals

Sensual colors and harmonious light

The important role of the color effect has always been known. Colors do have great power on us and often determine our well-being, even if we are not always aware of it. Therefore, it would be very useful to set up and decorate your bedroom for Valentine’s Day use such materials and colors that bring a reasonable touch of eroticism. Silk and satin, but also fine fabrics such as organza are the best choice for canopies, sheets, pillowcases, curtains or bedspreads.

The color red is undoubtedly the valentine color par excellence. The classic stands for love and passion and is energizing and lively. Here, however: Best not overdo it! Because passion can quickly become aggression.

Red is the color of love par excellence

bedroom decorate diy valentines day ideas bedding

Bordeaux, pink and purple are just as popular and often preferred by many couples in the bedroom. Orange and yellow also create a warm, laid-back atmosphere that helps to make the togetherness fun.

Of course, light is just as important when decorating the bedroom. And just for Valentine’s Day you need harmonious light. This means fairy lights, lanterns and indirect lighting. Try to create islands of light in the room and avoid the strong, white light from above.

A sensual scent and roses, roses, roses….

Turn your bedroom into a real feast for the senses on Valentine’s Day and treat your partner with it. It is always true: not too much of a good thing! The main elements are scented candles and seductive massage oils, but also suitable essential oils that act as natural aphrodisiacs. Depending on your personal preference and especially on the taste of your sweetheart, you can choose the right one. Some of the most popular essential oils with aphrodisiac effects are: jasmine, cardamom, ginger, lavender, patchouli, vetiver, rose, sandalwood, vanilla and cinnamon.

Round off the whole with fresh rose petals and your sensual bedroom decoration is nothing in the way!

Sometimes less is more!

diy valentine's day bedroom decorate fairy lights

Two swans in love for more Valentine’s Day romance

diy valentine's day rose petals deco bedroom

Love is also through the stomach

DIY Valentine's Day Bedroom Decorated Soda Tapas

Simple, sensual idea as last-minute decoration for Valentine’s Day

diy valentine's day rose petals decorate bedroom

Affect your sweetheart lovingly the way to the love nest

DIY Valentine's Day Bedroom Decorate Candle Light Staircase Decoration Idea

Create a loving ambience with candles and rose petals

diy valentine's day sensual bedroom decorate candles rose petals

If you do not stand on red

diy valentine's day bed bedroom decorate with roses

For the in love purists among you

diy valentine's day bedroom decorating tree branches paper decor

Tinker two swans in love out of towels

DIY Valentine's Day bed decorating towels swaddling crafts

A high on love!

diy valentine's day deco candles hearts roses

Indulge your sweetheart and yourself with delicious treats!

diy valentine's day bedroom decorate champagne strawberries

Create sensual romance with roses and candles

diy valentine's day bedroom decoration ideas

A small gesture with a big impact

diy valentine's day ideas bedroom decorate

Round off the whole love experience for Valentine’s Day with a delicious breakfast!

diy valentine's day deco bedroom breakfast

Romance and passion in one

bedroom decorate diy valentine roses bed

If you are more into winter romance

diy valentine's day white bedroom decorating candles fairy lights

Fairytale and inviting at the same time

diy valentine's day bedroom deco tree branch fairy lights

Create the perfect love nest for Valentine’s Day

diy valentine's day deco ideas bedroom flowers lights

Massage oils and bath salts make themselves – great DIY ideas for the senses

On this very special day, you will certainly find time for every little pampering that warms the soul and body. Here are our tips for massage oils and bath salts make themselves! Treat yourself to these great DIY Valentine’s Gifts for all your senses!

Massage oils and bath salts are valuable DIY valentine’s day gifts. You achieve wonderful quality if you do it yourself. It also shows that you take time and effort for your partner. Especially if you create a combination of scents that is exactly to his / her liking!

With DIY bath salt, you will pamper all senses!

Badesalz make yourself DIY Valentine's Day blue magic

Make bath salt yourself – it’s that easy!

The preparation of bath salts is quite simple. However, you would have to pre-plan something, because after mixing the ingredients, the product takes some time to finish.

First, you must choose the right salt: Epsom salt is suitable for detoxification and weight loss formulas. With sea salt you contribute to the relaxation. You also need 5 to 10 ml. Of the desired essential oil and about 25 grams of corn starch.

All this you can mix together in a bowl. Important: The corn starch comes last! Can you stir this once and mix once with vigorous spillage. Close very well and let rest for a few days. Then you can open and use!

For a valuable massage oil you need few, but valuable ingredients!

Massage oil itself make green branches

Making massage oil yourself is even easier!

It is even easier to make massage oil yourself. For this you need one of the so-called base oils and one or more essential oils. The first group includes olives, coconut, jojoba. Also popular are sesame and avocado. Take about 100 ml of it and 15 drops of an essential oil. You can divide these quantities for different massage oils. It is best to use this mixture to fill a transparent and closable glass jar. Store in a dark and cool corner!

Combine the massage oil with other great care products

massage oil itself make different aromas

Make a personalized gift!

You can personalize both the combination of fragrances and the packaging. The additional coloring in different shades is sometimes possible thanks to different minerals. Each fragrance has its own therapeutic effect and influences our body in different ways. However, some are very strong and you have to be careful not to overuse. The best way to search for various recipe ideas on the Internet. Also make sure that they are presented in a beautiful shape. Often a nice glass and a great bow are enough, but there are so many other great ideas for decorating the packaging. You can also find some inspirations in our picture gallery.

Bath salts with exotic ingredients can be made by yourself as a gift

Bath salts same make ideas with algae DIY valentine's day

With such Valentine’s Day gift, show real affection for your partner

Badesalz make DIY Valentine's Day decorative

Lavender is one of the most popular ingredients for making bath salts yourself

Bath salts make DIY Valentine's Day with lavender

Wintery scents are perfect for DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

Bath salts make various DIY Valentine's Day colors thyme

A plate of homemade bath salts would be ideal DIY Valentine’s Day decoration

bath salt itself make various DIY Valentine's Day colors

For the Valentine’s Day gift, choose romantic colors!

make gift idea in glass bath salt DIY Valentine's Day yourself

Such a DIY Valentine’s gift exudes sensuality and care

in balls of bath salts make DIY Valentine's Day

A homemade massage oil will always remind your lover of you!

make massage oil yourself DIY Valentine's Day relaxing fragrance

Which is the favorite fragrance of your lover / lover?

Massage oil itself make oil idea

A great massage oil will keep your partner healthy throughout the winter.

make massage oil yourself olive

Spring scents are also a good idea for lovers on Valentine’s Day

massage oil itself make great idea with yellow flowers

Massage oils from nuts can pamper the body.

massage oil itself make great almonds

Do you also find great packaging for the DIY Valentine’s Day Massage Oil?

Massage oil itself makes winter flair

Citrus scents are an ideal choice to make your own massage oil

massage oil itself make lemons ideas

Or maybe you want to combine different scents with your homemade bath salt.

Make several bath salts yourself

This form of bidding would be perfect for a DIY Valentine’s Day gift

great heart massage oil

Here are two very romantic colors for your bath salts!

Make vanilla and lavender bath salts yourself

We hope that our tips for a great feast of love will be helpful and useful for you to prepare your very personal day for two and celebrate in togetherness! We wish you that from the heart!