Products From Concrete Stone For The Front Area

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DIY products from concrete

Do you want to see the results from a great and simple transformation of terrace? The Keywordkombination to do so is called “Cylinder blocks of concrete stone”. It is one of my favorite DIY projects. The front part of my Court had to be necessarily converts, but I wanted to take practical and not very expensive approach here.

Before after photos

concrete block products photos before then

Curious? First check the images and then I will give statements to do so! Agree? Then bye!

Concrete benches

I was on me from the beginning of sure, that a bank in the Centre of my project will be. The question was “only” as I design them successfully. I went to my Home Depot and picked out 16 cylinder blocks and two pieces of wood there. I had only one wage idea of what I wanted. However, something has moved to provide additional materials. I was somehow sure that I’m going to need them.

Concrete stone throne seat

First, I put mines in the wood. Then I made me build a Bank of concrete cylinders. The end result differs from the original idea. But it was not bad in itself and that is why I share with first a few details about it.

The material

throne seat building concrete blocks

At the beginning, I’ve placed two series with many cylinders on the ground. Then I turned the ends of pages. Then I have installed six blocks on the surface. Two of them I have been across, so that you can put plants in it.

Do you recognize these in the back row and the second step? In the pictures above you can see the “throne seat” from different perspectives.

Gravel is required

gravel in use on the market

I was sure that my Bank even more had to be achieved through plants in it. I have therefore placed cylinder blocks on the surface. Pebble stones have proved to be perfect for filling the gaps there. Now depending on the case, the construction serves as a block or some kind of line. She can hold water in certain situations by iterating over and pass it in others. Below, we see Japanese grass and flower pots of different colors.

The plants have a refreshment

throne seat building concrete plants jewelry

There are pebbles on the bottom of the cylinder blocks. It consists of basalt, which is left from a former backyard landscape project.

At the bottom of the cylinder blocks

gravel on the ground concrete

When everything was done, I added four blocks of marble. I have covered everything with pebbles, then I added some small plants in the niche on both sides of the Bank.

Look at the end result of my project, which can be viewed as throne seat or sculpture.

The seat of the throne is ready

throne seat off concrete plants

Here you can see the same thing, but viewed from the front. There is another way: instead of the cushion you can put a plant on top.

Front view

throne seat off concrete plants front view

So, to create a decorative wall, which also serves as a plant stand from this concrete structure. Thus you can enjoy a more pleasing appearance.

Cylinder block Bank

I love the look of the throne seat top. But I also wanted a structure that will serve as a bank. I was inspired to do this by the ideas from the blog of Kayla, called the basement.

It’s an easily assembled and realizable through little stuff and noise idea. I borrowed much of the projects there, but she wanted to implement in smaller sizes. I have given my husband the opportunity, regardless of me to decide on the final design. Here you can see the accessories with which I started.

The necessary accessories

necessary accessories for Bank


– A 2.5 long piece of wood, that here has been cut in half. You may decide of course depending on the demand for a longer.

– 16 single cylinder blocks

– 3 pieces of concrete stone

– Plants

– Pebbles

– Earth for flower pots

Concrete and wood

concrete stones and wood for Bank

Stages of building

Stack the cylinder blocks in three rows of two. Make sure that there is the correct distance so that you can position the wooden surface and the overlying rocks.
Place the two wooden boards through the holes and thus connect the upper holes of the blocks. The wooden boards like do not the most distant ends of the holes, but when once put down, they should be rather close, so that the structure is stable
Stack the paving stones on the Board

Give plants to

concrete stones and wood for Bank building

Draw some more fun tools into consideration. You could add two blocks next to the base. One is with opening facing up and which others are across. Plants can be inserted in the top. To fill this purpose the gap with pebbles to be and one-third for the plant and the Earth. Although it recognizes it on the image down hard, but on both sides it has housed plants.

Almost done

concrete block and wood for Bank building plants

You want also cushion? Surely, this is a wonderful idea. In my case, the little creatures have made me a bit worried. That’s why I kept the cushion in a cupboard in the entrance area and taken out as needed. Most of the time what happened if I enjoy a drink outdoors.

Cushion change the look

DIY concrete stone bench cushion

One of my secrets you want to know? Originally the bank looked different, and their former appearance in the picture have immortalized below. This is a great option, but actually I wish me a clearer look. But then I changed my mind and it came up to the design.

Another option

another option of concrete stone bench

I’m super happy with the end result. But the Court is always still kinda skinny in my eyes.

DIY wall art project for outdoor use

that’s why I was …und for a DIY Außenwand project. I have done a search before and during that I got on the following block: positively splendid. There I saw the idea with the rolled Moss. I found it super, and decided to install it there. It went to the freshly cut grass, which was filled with metal details.

MOSS and sheet metal

DIY wall art Moss sheet metal

We had hot rolled steel bar, which already constituted a great advantage at home. These have we put out like a canvas and attached to magnetic pieces. You could replace the superior images wonderfully by these constructions. The visible side metal looked like a modern framework. In this case here, we have to do Moss on a metal surface with a layer.

Scissors comes in use

Moss for DIY wall art scissors

I just measured the MOSS and cut off and then I put it on a piece of metal. I think that the resulting look is clear and very reassuring!

DIY outdoor wall art

modern Moss and metal DIY wall art

Final touches

Now we come down to look at the final results from the project. I’ve added next to the door remote herbs in containers. Continue to peppte the whole thing by a red door mat on. Completed I have the whole thing by two small painted flower pots, which have been carried out in soft blue.


final look wall art Outdoor bench

Sometimes the small details make a big difference. Thank you, that you have shared the joy of this project today with me. As you can see, there is still room for more color in this room. I personally will continue today Marathon with my DIY. When I’m done with the new ideas about the outdoors, I will share it with joy with you! I hope that you also feel like it!


outdoor decorating plant

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