Pumpkin Decoration – Cool Autumn Decoration

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Pumpkins are not just the ultimate Halloween decoration, but generally an artistic autumn decoration that fits every taste. Today we will show you a few pumpkin decoration. Get in touch with the autumn fascination and decorate your interior and exterior with these beautiful creations of nature.

Choose unexpected spots for your decoration

Do you find pumpkins on the stairs or on the dresser boring and banal? Take a look! Here the pumpkins are placed under glass cheese bells. Minikürbisse fit perfectly also in bowls and look on cake stands very original. For a better contrast you can put green moss under the pumpkins.

Nature is an extraordinary painter, take advantage of it

Pumpkin decoy orange pumpkins on green moss

If you have pumpkins in bright orange and red colors, just place them in rows on the floor in the living room. Particularly in the white plaster they look stunning. They fit perfectly even to minimalist interiors.

Additional fresh accents, such as sunflowers are very welcome – design by Dog Laudi Studio

Pumpkin decals in orange and red under the floating staircase

Why does it always have to be lush?

Pumpkin decors in rows on the dining table

Try it much simpler this time and make a series of pumpkins on your dining table. So they attract more attention to themselves and their colors and texture are better to enjoy. The exterior design is an idea from Pearson Design Group.

Color your pumpkins!

It is not a completely new decoration – coloring gourds. But the way you do it is new. You can see the artistically painted pumpkins in contrasting colors at the bottom of the picture. If you want to achieve the same effect, then you need cover tape as well as the colors you choose. This can be used with the two-colored painting and just as well colored for wrapping.

Artistic in stimulating shades

Pumpkin decals in yellow and orange with stripes

Do you like the Ombré style?

Pumpkin decides bright orange and magenta

This style is not only cool for your hair, but also for your home decor. Blurred, radiant shades, as in this DIY project from Funkytime above, turn every pumpkin into a piece of land. You can create the color combination as desired.

Geometry continues. Color your pumpkins in gold, magenta and white or let your imagination run wild and shape the round pumpkins to your taste and style.

Color-colored deco decoration by Ciera Design

Pumpkin decoy geometric painted pink and gold

No less interesting is the next idea of ​​C.W.Styling. Everything in white! Why not, it is very unexpected and therefore striking. Try it out. Additional decorative items in white, such as this flag garland reinforce even more the unusual effect.

Bright white on rustic dining table

Pumpkin decors snow white as sculptures

Pumpkins and succulents

Succulents such as the roof sempervivum are perfect partners for your pumpkins. Surely you have seen so many pumpkin decorations with chrysanthemums or hydrangeas. Succulents do not occur so often, but are very suitable. In the picture below you can admire a stylish table decoration with pumpkins and succulents.

Photo of Jeff Hanley

Pumpkin mini decoy in orange and pomegranate

Succulents with supple forms in green, green and violet nuances

Pumpkin dekoideen roach and evergreen

These great decoration partners together with altar ornaments are a stylish, solid table decoration

Pumpkin decoration table decoration sempervivum

Pumpkin decanter in a glass container

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