Retro Style Creating Home – Great Vintage Ideas For You

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retro style Chair Limefarbene arc lamp

Retro style at home create

How to find the decoration with pieces from the past? In my opinion that can help us better assess all this, what was before us. Looking for original ideas, how you intelligently and stylishly equipped your apartment in retro Style ? Then, this article is the right place for you!

The furniture

Accents in the room with a few accents from a bygone era. Everything in the design here revolves around the Noguchi coffee table dating back to 1948. The side table due to its design could be traced back to the same era.

The new leather chairs and the sofa get a vintage spirit by old furniture next door.


Hanging lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers and lamps have the wonderful ability to stop time.

The pendant luminaire Gets the mood of the 60s and can spice up the contemporary facilities

retro style Tulpenstüle off plastic orange pendant lamp

The retro lights have become such a hot trend, yes they can reproduce the styles from different periods.

If you buy older homes very often with many items from past years. Sometimes find it easy in the cellar and must only repair them. From an old chandelier, a candelabra can be then.

They found this lamp here in the basement of a House and it was built in 1952. They first not recognized its high value and freed them from the whole wiring.

Now wide candles hide the holes where the wires have taken the lamp fittings

retro style candle holders on the table


The lights follow also the fashion, but as it is well known that this is transitory.  Particularly applies to things that come about from the middle of the last century.

Search for a piece of popular era dating one for you, and which very much interested in

retro style chest of drawers elegant table lamp

Here you should find both on the flea markets and eBay.

Furniture for outdoor use

Design outdoor furniture, which come from times long before Facebook, and that the gate was the best place for gathering of information.

Tip: Brokers and garage sales may be the best place for old furniture.

Bring something for the restoration of the pieces, as these were issued the external conditions for many and long years

retro style elegant metal Chair on the veranda

Postcards and pictures

Turn the postcards and the black-white family portraits into art.

Pictured here, it has framed postcards from various travel and vacation trips in black frame many years ago

retro style window roller wood

Tip: If you want to create art series, you create a relationship between the various pieces by frame and matting in the same size and color.

Draw out a grid and thus ensure that each frame framed the product clean and complete.


Big, heavy suitcase from the past can serve as unexpectedly original tables. The varying sizes can make for a very unique look.

Perhaps you could provide a solid side table through a glass surface

retro style elegant industrial lamp and camera

Tea cups

Old-fashioned tea cups can be a refined collection. You can hang them on the wall for an artistic effect. If you are not using them, you can store valuables there.

Here the set of cups and saucers of different sizes serves as a great treasure trove Lynn photography photo by Cynthia

retro style accessories and Golden mirror frame

Tip: The second hand shops are full of individual tea cups and saucers. Buy some from time to time to stockpile.

Mementos of the family

Sometimes the best family pieces from the possession of the family.

The arrival of a baby is a wonderful occasion to rummage through the archives and find reminders of the ancestors

retro style Nanny and clothes of round mirror

Tantes are christening gown, Papas first knitted hat or a declaration of love for MOM all objects which will be used later as a wonderful conversation pieces.


With all the improvements towards energy efficiency, which were created in the last few years, the old Windows were unusable.

But they can be used as decoration pieces always have wonderfully.

Tip: One hung up here as a window on the wall. It can be used as window frames.

Could use past a hint in your home? Hopefully, we have added to the range of ideas in your head.

retro Art Deco style ethno wall masks and chandelier

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