Roman Blinds – Practical Window Screens For Your Home

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Roman blinds Blickdicht white light blue living room design window privacy

Inspiring Roman blinds for summer and winter

The summer has already begun and we have now a few weeks where we can organize great parties and other meetings in the outdoor area. But the summer is also the season in which you have the unique opportunity to bring nature home. The opening to the outside world will offer you many new challenges.

Do you live in a region where the Sun makes your life uncomfortable at the time of day? Install blinds, folding blinds and curtains on a great method, through which you can achieve a balance between ventilation and shade.

Garrison Hullinger interior design

Roman blinds Blickdicht white black work room design Home Office

And if it’s window Panel, then you can find nothing better than Roman blinds. A few pictures we try to illustrate it, how charming and elegant they can act.

Did know that the English term for this is “Roman Shades”. This is not random at all, because the idea comes in fact from the Roman behemoths. It has used enormous fabrics on the Windows to protect the Interior ambience of the unwanted sun. Not least so they give your home a Royal atmosphere.

Designer Amanda Nisbet

bedroom design window Roman shade curtain ideas privacy curtains Navy Blue

It is all the more surprising, that wonderful write in many different great interiors. Depending on the context, they may look fancy or very chic and elegant!

modern bathroom furnishings bathtub tiling window screens of folding blinds

dining room dining table with chairs large window area of folding blinds of Roman blinds

dining room dining table with chairs window screens of folding blinds of Roman blinds

MPD London

Roman blinds to measure living room window screening natural light


bathroom designing free-standing bathtub window screens of folding blinds of Roman blinds

Geometric patterns and textures

There is probably no other season, in which the shadow blinds are as current as of now. You will enjoy the most great advantages in this. They will serve you well also in the autumn and will give your interiors a relaxed and casual character even in the winter.

Roller blinds are easy for watching. As well as the woven bamboo works and they seamlessly enroll in the atmosphere. You can also great with elegant summer shades combine, like white, turquoise, Aqua, or even bright orange. A real serenes setting comes at the end. A great ambience, which is dominated by glass, stone and concrete and secures the important material contrast arises from these nuances.


living room wall color blue open shelves window privacy of blinds

living room shapes In the natural look bamboo of Roman blinds beige cushion

Delishhh blog

kitchen facility In the natural look bamboo of Roman blinds white wooden floor

Looking for window coverings, which will serve you year-round? Do you therefore also contribute to more shine in the interior design? Roman blinds be able to afford all this.

There are also many custom variations, where cool patterns and nuances will be implemented. Often, they become a real showstopper in the room.

Might want to but for folding blinds with bold patterns you choose? Then, you should make sure that the rest of the room is as clean and simple as it gets. The main rule is so in this case, to avoid the visual clutter.

Holly Durocher design

nursery baby room wall decoration decals privacy of folding blinds florals yellow

Great neighborhood homes

dining table from Massivhilz wooden chairs Estimmer design chandelier of folding blinds Roman blinds

Caitlin Wilson

bedroom color palette wall color Rosa Mintgrüne accents of Roman blinds

Lindsay hail of photographers

rustic dining room set up wood dining table with chairs window privacy of blinds of folding blinds

Giannetti home

window privacy ideas work curtains and blinds Roman blinds Blickdicht

Sarah Barnard design

Home Office study natural light privacy of folding blinds Blickdicht

Curtains and much more

Do you already have curtains in your home? Also in this case it might provide wonderfully by beautiful curtains a good-looking insulation. The varied combination makes it possible to remove the curtains in the summer and to give the House a more informal and airy look. This will help you in addition in winter to block the cold. They will continue to contribute for the aesthetic beauty of the room.

You can mix everything and customize by cover larger Windows and doors with curtains. The folding blinds are more suitable for smaller openings for light.

Wendy resin interiors

dining room dining table with chairs window screens of folding blinds Curtains patterned plain

Everything Design Inc.

Roman blinds to measure living room window screens of folding blinds Curtains

folding blinds floor-length curtains curtain ideas living room ideas

Bridgwater Consulting Group

bedroom window privacy blinds Roman blinds wooden floor beige color palette

home study Office figures sofa table window privacy blinds folding blinds red

Amy Lambert LEE

curtains and curtains transparent of opaque blinds wicker furniture boxes

Colours, shades, shades

The tone-on-tone approach when the folding shutters is also a great method, through which you can give the bedroom upscale character. The use of different shades of a specific color, which already dominates the room, ensures balance and continuity. You can also provide creating interesting elements by holding to the same shade of different possible window coverings. Thus, you can run blinds of various kinds.

Depending on the style in the room, you can install different kind in usage, to reinforce the aura of the room, without having to make something different in the color palette.

William Quarles design/photography

kitchen completely in white worktop window privacy of blinds

Marcelo Brito & Pedro Pamela Abdulrahim

living room set up wood floor fireplace traditional window screens of folding blinds Blickdicht

The blinds is not just about aesthetics. Actually, they are perfect for general protection improvement and the reduction of the energy costs.

Did you know that studies characterized the Roman blinds and the woven bamboo blinds as a particularly effective means of cavity insulation? With which you can easily operate, they look more modern and you can liven the room so great.

Brian Watford ID

wooden table rattan chairs candles colonial-style eclectic Roman blinds natural look

Anna Baskin Lattimore design

bedroom privacy sun beige folding blinds bed wood set up

Schwartz and architecture

bedroom window screens of folding blinds minimalist Eifarbig

Herrick design group

bedroom privacy sun of folding blinds upholstered bed

Ed Ritger photography

bathroom ideas freestanding bathtub window screens of folding blinds white folding roller blind fabric bedroom design swatch wall color pastel yellow

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