Russian Matryoshka – Women Worship, Toys Or Only Souvenir?

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Russian Matryoshka family Russian peasant women

Russian Matryoshka, Fukuruma – doll and Mili-mili

The Russian Matryoshka, also known as nested Russian dolls or simply Russian doll is a species of wood toys, where 6 or 7 figures can be inserted into each other.

The first Russian Matryoshka has been created by the craftsmen Vasily Zvyozdochkin. Where does behind the matryoshka idea and what hides itself? We now intend to unravel the mystery of the legendary doll.

As long as the person does exist, there is protection safety symbols and talismans

Russian Matryoshka family made up women

The body shape of the matryoshka is similar to an egg, which represents the eternal order of life

Russian Matryoshka family women Russian White

The woman who gives life more matryoshka stands for “Mother”-

Russian Matryoshka family

Today it combines the nested dolls immediately with the Russian folklore

Russian Matryoshka family women Russian folklore

The first toy was probably created with the first people. The cavemen built toys made of bones and stones, archaeologists report. During numerous excavations evidence are repeatedly found – small figures that look either like people or animals. Some say that the figures with religious observances in connection and were intended less to play.

In the Museum of the Russian toy, we discover some dolls models.

Very often, the Russian puppets in day-glo colors are angemalt-being healthy and fruitful

Russian Matryoshka family

The largest doll is always the most expensive and has usually a pinafore dress

Russian Matryoshka family women Russian Red

In his hand the Mama wears either a broom or a cock

Russian Matryoshka family women cock

The characters are individually designed and have the character whose origin

Russian Matryoshka family women generations

There are “pelenashka” – a doll for adults, which is actually a mascot.

The farmhouses in Russia were full of different lucky charms or contactor articles. Interesting is the fact that the dolls were first made for adults in many Slavic Nations and then for the children.

Matryoshka can be both farmer and a Queen

Russian Matryoshka family women Russian pink

There have been dolls that the wheat harvest should affect dolls that guard the Lady of the House, or those that were taken on trips.

All these dolls were made from simple materials such as straw, wood and stone.

The importance of protecting and helping spreads to the today’s matryoshka dolls. “Matryoshka” is the Russian diminutive of the Latin word ‘Matrona’, which stem on “Mother of the family” or maternity “suggests. The mesh infected dolls symbolize the fertility of the woman and the honor of mothers.

Not so famous, but with same meaning dolls are the Hawaiian Milimili-

Russian Matryoshka Milimili doll

It is disputed whether the Fukurama figures or the matryoshka first arose

Russian Matryoshka Fukuruma all

Officially there are since the 19th century the Russian Matryoshka

Russian Matryoshka family women Russian flowers

First name has arisen or the doll art that is still not clear. The first evidence of the existence of the matryoshka actually come from Japan. A wise Japanese to doll have fascinated allegedly by his Fukuruma-the Russian Matryoshka makers. Some Japanese have told that the first Fukuruma-Doll has been met by a Russian monk.

Today, the Russian Matryoshka doll is a symbol of Russian folklore.

The Russian Babuschka-dolls are the most popular Russian souvenir today

Russian Matryoshka family women

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