Scented Candles From Scandinavia Nordic Breeze Bring In Summer

Editor   July 21, 2016   Comments Off on Scented Candles From Scandinavia Nordic Breeze Bring In Summer

Discover the scented candles by Skandinavisk!

Are scented candles more for the winter? Of ways. This beautiful wax creations are in each season able, during the day, in the evening or at night to put in a relaxed, dreamy, happy and even ecstatic mood. The range of scented candles on the market is so diverse that you can quickly feel spoilt for choice. Some criteria may help you to make the right decision, such as the preference of essential oils and the absence of harmful substances. Above all, are but the personal preferences and the actual design of fundamental importance. When it comes to flavors, opinions often differ. Even close friends and even lovers are so often disagree about which flavor is pleasant and what not. Almost always fragrances are rooted and associated with different memories and associations deep in our psyche.

Aromas such as cinnamon, cloves and orange think you for example equal of Christmas, isn’t it? So bring us coconut and mango in the Caribbean and lavender makes us dream of Provence. Flavors can work real wonders. So even scented candles!

Especially if valuable designer candles of good quality is. So we felt a fresh Northern breeze in the middle of the summer. From Scandinavia, of course!

The northern lights

scented candles skandinavisk design nordlys-northern lights aurora coolhunting

Hygge, Skog, fjord, hav, Lempi, Koto and Nordlys – sounds distinctive Scandinavian, doesn’t it? Yes, the fine fragrance candles from the AW name exactly 16 collection of Skandinavisk. As well as furniture and decoration, the Scandinavians have proved again that they are clean lines, elegant simplicity and subtle scents.

Not only the design of the candles, but above all the delicate flavours allow picturesque landscapes, spectacular fjords and clear starry sky are perceived very intensively. Just thinking of memorable summer evenings outdoors and crackling camp fire at the northern lights or the sunset on the snowy horizon.

See for yourself and let you work the fascination of Scandinavia!

The comfort

scented candles skandinavisk Scandinavian design aroma candles hygge

The forest

scented candles skandinavisk design skog candles Scandinavian live

Scandinavian design to admire

scented candles skandinavisk design candles Scandinavian live

Cozy home

scented candles skandinavisk design aroma candles koto

The love

scented candles skandinavisk design aroma candles Scandinavian living lempi

Of the day

scented candles skandinavisk design incense nat dag Scandinavian live

scented candles skandinavisk design gift ideas candles koto hygge ro

scented candles skandinavisk Scandinavian design flavorsfragrance candles skandinavisk Scandinavian design candles hyggescented candles skandinavisk Scandinavian design maritime decoration gift ideas

scented candles skandinavisk Scandinavian design black white koto lempi

scented candles skandinavisk Scandinavian design Interior ideas gift ideas

skandinavisk Scandinavian fragrance candles offers gift ideas

scented candles skandinavisk Scandinavian candles stay koto aroma

scented candles skandinavisk chopsticks flavors Scandinavian design fjord

fragrance candles skandinavisk Scandinavian flavours live

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