Serviettentechik Instructions – Creative Craft Ideas For Your Free Time

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DIY decoration ideas Serviettentechik manual bucket decorating

Serviettentechik manual – decorate old items easy and original

Today there is talk again of napkins. This time, they are but not folded, but used for decorating. Are you already familiar with the napkin technique? This is actually very popular with hobbyists. What she is so popular, we learn of the bottom examples.

Cool decoration ideas with simple decoupage

Serviettentechik instructions decorative buckets adorning

If the decorating in your blood, you should necessarily meet the napkin technique. That is a very simple decoration technique, with which you can do much. All the images here represent potential DIY projects. You can all with napkins decorate – old vintage furniture, everyday objects, even Easter eggs and cans, wooden boxes, etc.

Create vintage Tin can

Serviettentechik instructions decorative bucket decorating DIY ideas craft ideas

The napkin technique gives much freedom and at the same time is very inexpensive, and unpretentious. Materials you will need napkins with designs according to your desire, napkin glue, brush, and clear coat. Depending on what an object you decorate, you need another kind potch from the craft store. This plays the role of cement and to porcelain, wood or textile.

The napkins are usually 3-ply. It works but only with the top layer. This is put on the selected object and using the napkin glue on it to seal. This happens with gentle movements with the brush of the napkin center outwards, thus no wrinkles or cracks. Dry the object and ultimately, coat it with the clear coat.

This is the simple decoupage instructions and large. Take your first steps and learn many details from their own experience. We have compiled another inspiring pictures for you and added to three very interesting videos. Great, what you can do with the napkin technique. Take a look and get started!

Funny napkin patterns

Serviettentechik craft ideas guide colorful napkins decoupage pattern

Wood hearts decorate with paper napkins

creative craft ideas Serviettentechnick heart ornaments decoration ideas

Decorative wooden box with red tulips

Serviettentechik manual wooden box decorating DIY decoration ideas

Decoupage instructions – have feel like tinkering?

DIY project with decoupage

craft ideas with napkin Serviettentechnick cool decoration ideas

Old Tin can again in use make

craft ideas with napkin tin cans decorating

Practical DIY ideas with tin cans

craft ideas with napkin Serviettentechnick tin cans decorating

Cool DIY Towel rack in the bathroom

creative craft ideas Serviettentechnick cool decoration ideas

White hangers decorate in 6 steps

Serviettentechik instructions cool decoration ideas hangers decorate

Use only the top layer of the napkin – pattern cut out and paste over with

Serviettentechik images cool decoration ideas hangers decorate

Original hangers with coloured floral design

Serviettentechik manual decoration ideas creative craft ideas hangers decorate

Original DIY decoration ideas – decoupage and magnetic Board to do it yourself

Easter eggs with decoupage decorate

craft ideas Serviettentechik guide Easter eggs decorating with decoupage

Instead of painting Easter eggs, you decorate it with cool napkin patterns

napkin decoration ideas Easter eggs painting decoupage

Decorate blown Easter eggs with decoupage

Serviettentechik instructions Easter Egg decorating with napkins

Create a unique glass

glass decorating Serviettentechik creative craft ideas for DIY projects gift ideas

You can decorate everything with napkins decoupage art-

Serviettentechik manual decoration ideas creative craft ideas

Breathe new life into old shabby furniture

Serviettentechik manual decoration ideas old furniture decorating craft ideas

Simple DIY ideas with great exposure

Serviettentechik manual tin cans decorating decoration ideas

From old is new

Serviettentechik manual creative craft ideas suitcase decorating DIY projects

Watering can with thematic pressure

Serviettentechik decoration ideas creative craft ideas watering can decorate

Decoration ideas for gardeners

Serviettentechik decorative ideas creative craft ideas watering can decorating DIY projects

Textile – printing decoupage Baby T-shirt

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