Simply Make A Summer OASIS By A Few Tropical Plants In A Flower Pot

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tropical plants hanging uniquely beautiful

A summer OASIS by a tropical plants in a flower pot

Recently had an exotic vacation and terribly miss the vegetation on the beach? Might have seen just a few gorgeous images of tropical island and want to now have a touch of the same mood at home?

Many beach houses in the first place is characterised by its welcoming entrance. This is achieved mainly through two laterally located plants in flower pots.

It looks heavenly!

In the southern regions of Europe, as well as the other continents, the tropical elements dominate here. Among other things, one could see combinations and design styles that are not known in Germany.

It can be reached also here a lush tropical look. I’ve written this article to help you.

Regions with warmer winter

Elephant’s ear would be a wonderful choice for the beautification of the facade

tropical plants at the entrance

There are two types of these: Alocasia and Colocasia. One can distinguish both very easily. The leaves go down at the Alcosia upwards and Colocasia.

The best appearance comes in the planting of a group of elephant ears! For the very cold periods you should do something for protection from the frost. You ask the seller to do so!


Many people know all the properties of the Papyrus.

In the picture here you can see as the tribes of the Papyrus between high green shrubs are

tropical plants elegant Papyrus

Papyrus can grow with many other plants together. You should choose however a smoother, so that in the combination ‘the King’ really comes into its own.

Garages can also be converts to a fabulous environment

tropical plants at the window beautifully colorful

The combination in the figure contains Rosemary, beach silver herbal and Snapdragon. When planting, think of the casting! You should attach the pots in an easily accessible place and avoid the risk of injury.

Some containers are very simple and let especially the flowers coming into its own.

In this case, the colors of the flowers on the beautiful, white pots stand out

tropical plants red Geraniums in marble tubs

The flower tube (Canna) is an excellent alternative. This flower is typical of some regions of Florida, but she can be planted well somewhere else.

Simply fabulous, I find the mixture of dark and light shades of pink

tropical plants at the entrance in ceramic flower pot

Succulents are an other species I’ve seen in Florida. I just love this.

Especially in combination with flower pot and grass as shown in the picture, I find it fabulous

tropical plants in rows of ceramic

In the colder period they must be housed at home. But thanks to the pots that shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you know the variety ‘Maurelii’ ornamental banana? These are also a practical alternative for reaching a tropical atmosphere in your home.

Actually, you are a dream for designers!

Shown here corresponds to the dark red color of the underside of the leaves of the flowers in the lower part of the pot

tropical plants two-stage pink and green

These plants can be outside in the warmer seasons. But attach them in sheltered places.

A Festival of colors

I love the surplus of colors within a package. There is hardly anyone who is not charmed by such a sight.

The figure here shows a mixture of petunias, Tulbaghia, knapweed, and Rosemary

tropical plants lush flowers pink

When planning the plant mixture you must check the following factors: the plants need the same amount of moisture and Sun and there is any incompatibility between these?

Would at home also a tropical collection of flowers suit your style? Do you know what plants can grow well in your microclimate? Want to decorate your entrance as in the sunniest corners of this world in the summer? I hope this article helps you to realize that.

Tropical bonsai

tropical plants summer mood

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