Smart And Space-saving Household Tips

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Get smart with this useful household tips

Get creative in solving your storage problems! You can accommodate much more in your closets and in other places, as you might currently believe. There are some tools which are cheap to get, and can help you a lot in this respect. Useful household tips help a better overview in the closet or in the entire House. Can be inspired and learn to save space in the apartment and to win the important things.

Today, we give you an example with curtain rings.  Learn from our examples how you better than ever organize your interior as a result.

More clothes on a clothes hanger

Sturdy wooden hangers can withstand a pretty big load. Just to hang a piece of clothing it is simply far too little. Bring a few curtain rings out and already you can hang several more hangers. You must take care in this variant only so that the load is not too great.

Budget playful tips to improve your mood

household tips bracelets 12

Hang the hand pockets

Do you have a longer wooden hangers for your clothes?  He is full or you could hang anything on it? Handbags can be wonderfully on curtain rings.

Let the hair ties never disappear

Constantly, you lose your hair ties?

We all have the problem! Curtain rings are a wonderful means for the storage of these. To have them always within reach and do not always which on the new.

Can the same idea, also for the storage of necklaces and bracelets apply.

Save space and at the same time win

household tips 2

The scarves and belts

Do you have lots of scarves and belts? It is not at all easy to stow them in a practical way, isn’t it? This is however no problem once you install to use the idea with the curtain rings. You can place everything on one or several hangers and hang in the closet between the other clothes.

Of course, you can apply the same idea also for the storage of hats, ties, and any other accessories.

Beautiful new order for the jewelry

household tips braceletsWerkzeug

You can organize not only your clothes with curtain rings. You can provide for more order in the basement or in the kitchen. On these, for example most can be install tools or a part of the Cookware. Maybe you have several scarves and gloves that you constantly apply when preparing food?

Why hang up some cups not?

The list of creative ideas can be really long, but certainly you have an impression of these pictures as you can increase your storage options using curtain rings. Now you can try all these and other ideas in practice.

Create a good overview for the accessories

household tips

The major applications of the ponytail has an end

household tips 4

Everything finds its place

household tips 5

household bangles 2

Keep getting ready tops and T-Shirts

household tips bangles 3

All accessories at a glance

household tips bangles 5

Curtain ring and coat hangers a pair of mutually supplementary tohousehold tips bangles 6

Easily find the right tie in the morning

household tips bangles 7

The more clothes, more dringender order

household tips bracelets 8

A good consideration for the study

household tips bangles 9

household tips bangles 10

Showcase times differently

household tips bangles 11

household tips bangles 4

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