Steampunk Jewelry Ideas – Unlimited Creativity And Attention To Detail

steampunk jewelry images collage

Steampunk jewelry – great DIY ideas for necklaces, rings and bracelets

We have some very interesting ideas from the steampunk art show. It was especially to sculpture and interior design. Today we present you a magnificent jewelry collection, which consists of the old watches.  The idea comes from two creative women from Hampshire, United Kingdom.  Elaine and Alice are mother and daughter, which are on the steampunk style and design very much like beautiful pieces of jewelry. In 2011, the two have found many old watches from the 30’s and 60’s in their basement. The watches come from the store, the mother has previously operated. The parts and the mechanisms of the watches the two women enjoyed so well, that they have decided to give this new life. With great attention to detail and the limitless fantasy, fairytale-like models have emerged. The jewelry pieces are especially necklaces. One immediately recognizes the clock mechanism in the background and admired the fine figures that stand out. Each necklace is a unique project. You will see constantly, for example, a Silver Fox, under the moon. A mysterious OWL and a mystical Unicorn are also. Bees, swallows, a hot air balloon made of brass and a fairy-tale Castle belong exactly to this steampunk jewelry collection.

Then you will see even more ideas for DIY steampunk jewelry pieces such as rings, bracelets and even cuff links. Look at everything alone. Have you perhaps also old watches, waiting to get their second chance? If you don’t trust yourself or don’t have the necessary hand skill, you can bring this to an artist and develop a project together with him. You can find any old watches at home? Don’t worry and go on DaWanda, where you can order easily steampunk jewelry online. Have fun browsing!

Fine necklace with delicate Castle

steampunk jewelry old watch Castle

Steampunk jewelry piece made of brass with hot air balloon

steampunk jewelry bronze chain hot air balloon

Delicate Unicorn and vine pattern

steampunk jewelry chain Unicorn

Fox and moon

steampunk jewelry necklace Silver Fox

Round necklace with three-dimensional bee

steampunk art of clock mechanism bee

Majestic OWL in silver

steampunk art of clock mechanism OWL

Delicate rose and sweet rat

steampunk art of clock mechanism rose rat

Blue Swallows on bronze

steampunk jewelry old watch chain swallows

An original crab brass

steampunk art old clock crab necklace

Flora and fauna

steampunk art old clock mechanism chain flora fauna

Massive steampunk ring

steampunk jewelry old watch mechanism

Necklace with semi-precious stones and skull

steampunk art old clock skull

Luxury bracelet with beads

steampunk jewellery bracelet beads

Steampunk bracelet with fine floral designs

steampunk art bracelet of watch mechanism

Brass necklace with Rhinestones

steampunk jewelry purple stone bronze

A remarkable heart with wings

steampunk jewelry chain heart

Timeless love

steampunk jewelry ring heart old clock parts

Perfect hand job

steampunk jewelry of watch mechanism chain tendrils

Elegant ring with blue glass stones

steampunk jewelry of watch mechanism ring gems

Effective cufflinks

steampunk jewelry old clock mechanism cufflinks