Stylish Floral From Paper By Livia Cetti

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floral paper work creative photo collage

Ideas for floral paper by Livia Cetti

In virtual space, an artist has become very famous in recent years. Her name is Livia Cetti. We have developed a special interest for two reasons. First, we find it exciting, how someone with such simple ideas can be really innovative and successful in the floral. Secondly, your ideas are just super great. They represent an irreplaceable source of inspiration even now, in the spring. In our opinion you should look at be sure now this.

Magical, fascinating, incredible

You need only such strong terms to the floral by Livia Cetti in terms of mood that bring them to play. This floral requires but also individual talent.

Livia Cetti’s creations have been created so artfully that you could identify them difficult as artificial

floral paper delicate spring blossoms

How it all started

The floral is a great form of love. That shows the history of Livia Cetti also to a large extent. Because their first paper flowers she has for the Caribbean wedding one created their customers. She wanted a wonderful degree for the thematic cake whose fixed use.

Livia invented a great artificial floral accordingly. She has imitated Hibiscus flowers, which are wonderfully enrolled in the general theme.

Beautiful hibiscus flower as hair accessories

floral paper white hibiscus

From this moment, it seems to have love in this kind of artificial floral. They experimented and creates wonderful scenarios. To achieve the various nuances of flowers, she used many bleach, in which they have immersed the substances.

What could you do for themselves…

During our search for materials we ended up on an interview with the artist on their website designsponge . You could read there in English, what everything has communicated them. In particular, we want to summarize what you could do with their ideas and approaches as inspiration.

Livia Cetti with their fabulous paper creations

floral paper stained Livia Cetti

The special guide from Livia Cetti with exact instructions

Unicate manual Livia Cetti

With regard to the Organization, she are a lot of effort. It should be also. Because for such beautiful floral, you need a number of materials and odds and ends to do so. This should be very clean. She continues to over the small to the large. You experimented first with simple arrangements. You could fit well even in a glass of water. Anything that creates it, picks it up. Because such simple ideas occur several times. She can remember not all. You will be recorded in images, sometimes just with the mobile. Because you need these small ideas, then large works to integrate them.

The creative work of the designer

flowers decoration paper work creative

The creative blocks

Especially with floral, this universal and therapeutic method of adorning homes, it is not uncommon to the point of the so-called intellectual blockade. Simple housewives have also a problem with it. But how does someone like Livia Cetti thus? Well, she makes sport, goes out and take a look at the shops and… looking for new ideas for other designers! It’s probably obvious that it reflects this through their personal style…

The “special” secrets seem to be not so many. The rest is inspiration and love. Enjoy the pictures and let just this.

The proud author publish book with her

flowers decoration Papierdeko Livia Cetti author

A feast for the eyes

Unicate colorful paper flowers

Delicate spring flowers, carnations and stock rose

flowers decoration paper flowers spring cloves stock rose

Bold colors for the Hibiscus flowers

floral paper flowers Flash colors

Enchanting wedding bouquets

floral paper flowers wedding

A beautiful wreath of flowers from paper

floral paper flower wreath

Beautiful poppy flowers in pink and white

floral paper flowers pink

Romantic and timeless – the rose

floral paper flowers Roses floral

A wide selection of beauty

floral paper flowers tender

Stylish floral for your celebration

floral paper flower table decorations

Floral elegance made of paper

floral paper flowers bouquet

Bouquet for pleasant events

Unicate paper Livia Cetti mallows stained

Peony in Orange

floral paper Orange Peony

Unique flower trio

floral paper Pfingstrsosen Rosa

Colorful stock rose petals

floral paper stock rose Livia Cetti

Beautiful flower-pots for your balcony

floral paper pot flowers

Picturesquely arranged cyclamen

floral paper pot flowers ceramic violet

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