Stylish Ideas For Candle Holders, The Catcher Will Be

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candlestick concrete molded plastic bottles

Beautiful candle holders home steal the show!

You want to bring something more shine in your indoor environment, without taking any excessive transformation? What’s beautiful candleholders? They provide an incredible variety and can be issued in the most varied manner.

Candle holders have a long history in the interior design. That’s why they find themselves now in the variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors.

They can be personalize with different materials and patterns.

Simple elegance

The candle holders made of copper and wood are currently modern, but certainly also classic-looking Variant. Both materials are very often combined. One provides stability and the other for shine.

It is also fire

candlestick simply copper wood Würfelförmig

For single or multiple candles

Variations in the candleholders are also the number of candles. It is important if they have to keep one or more of those. Groups of luminous flames are really impressive.

That’s why such candle holders also are popular, which can hold multiple candles at the same time

candlestick candle holder of concrete base copper rings

A material and multiple colors

The combinations of materials are effective. Such are the candle holders that have been spiced up by color however. The models made of wood and plastic are modern. Some flow into each other and others creating great contrasts.

You can combine wood with glass

candle holders wood Flash colors

Driftwood candle holder

Is there because even an interior design element that we haven’t run seen in Driftwood? We can’t think of anything. In any case, super great candlestick models made of this material can be found. Some are really elaborate and require special technical skills. Others, however, are simple ideas. You rely on the beauty of the Treibholzes and require just a little skill to make a great DIY work.

Burns effect it also quite effectively

candle holders Candles wood plank

Individualize candleholder with nail polish

We found including those which created looked like from marble in our search for great candlesticks. When the exact look, it turned out, she had been customized with nail polish. The idea behind this is mainly to mix water and a few colors of nail polish. The candle holders and may be dipped into it and removed the candles. The whole thing can be fix with a spray.

Little effort – fascinating result

abstract painted candle holder

Oven baked clay

For chic, modern and environmentally friendly at the same time held candle holders made of clay, baked in the oven. It attempts to achieve the shape of a tube.

Various shapes and great holes are pierced with a simple knife

candle holders Votives cylinder Perfored

Old noble vases and other pieces

From many ancient objects-looking candle holders make is very high. Such DIY would sign up wonderful projects in classic rooms.

From interesting wooden boards

For our rural tuned readers, we want to suggest the use of everyday objects. Great candle holders can be super from old wooden boards with simple or fancy form. On this, you could make such great constellations.

For the real purists among you

candlestick natural wood plywood wood panels white long Candles

Would you achieve a romantic mood at home? Need candle holders maybe? Before you now go to an expensive purchase, look around, if you not at home find something with him, what could be suitable for this purpose.

Birch bark is suitable as the perfect texture of your DIY candle stand

candlestick Birch nature cylinder

Driftwood can be also very finely processed

candlestick two-tone painted wood

Copper rings become elegant candleholders

candle holders of three set copper candle rings

Stand on ombre style?

triple candlestick set ombre wood

Clever idea of lanterns with knitted sleeves

candle holder glass bottles cut knitted decoration buttons

Wooden beads in different sizes on each other line up

wood chain round shapes of grey Candles candle holders

Rough wood grain and old gold – just the classic

candles stand lanterns wood Golden Strip

Small cubes of concrete forms and this paint with geometric patterns

candles stand Würfelförmig concrete geometric patterned fabric

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