Stylish Rural Door Decoration For Christmas. With A Great Guide!

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You could use the greatest gifts of nature if you want to make beautiful door decoration for Christmas. And you now have plenty of time thanks to the short days and the cold weather. Maybe in the brighter hours of the day, you can go for a walk in the park to collect a few fallen branches on the ground. You need exactly those if you want to make door decoration according to the following instructions. See what’s coming!

So great looks a great Tüdeko, which you can tinker effortlessly!

1- Türkranz itself make result

Choose the right branches

Not all branches are the same. On the contrary – everyone looks very individual. Look at them and choose interesting and attractive shapes. This is how you create your very own artwork. In the case of our guide, three were selected, which together make up a great bow shape.

For starters, you need a few twigs of similar shape and size

2 branches for this advent wreath idea

The materials for the displayed door decoration

If you want to follow the instructions, then you need the following materials for door decoration.

  • 3 simple branches with similar arch shape;
  • Olive branches (in a similar way as the others);
  • Gold colored wire;
  • Clementines,
  • Beer branches
  • Leaves.

The olive branches are a very important detail of this door decoration

3 make other materials for the door wreath itself

Complete the door decoration step by step

First you have to put the branches together out of the forest. Tie them together with the gold wire. Leave as much space as possible between them. In the beginning, the whole construction will look a bit loose. This is very helpful in retrospect, because they have enough space between them for decoration.

Used as jewelry also clementines and berry branches

4 A stage from the tinkering of the door wreath

Then take the olive branches and position them in the gaps. Both these and the other branches must be brought together in such a way that together they form an X-shape. At this point you can now integrate the remaining decorative elements. The rest of the space is filled with leaves. In the concrete case one has used those of Magnolia. The decorative gifts of nature are berry branches and clementines.

It is important to tie the door decoration well

5 almost finished door wreath

After you have finished with the decorative part, you would like to wrap the ends of the branches with golden wire. Some strands can be pulled forwards and backwards. So there are many other possible places where you can hang the door wreath. The handmade door wreath can be hung indoors as well as outdoors.

This jewelry is certainly not only good as a door decoration

6 hanging up the door wreath

The clementines stand out beautifully in front of the blue wall

7 door wreath on the blue door

Here is a great view of the fabulous rural door decoration

8 lateral view of the door wreath

Other great door decoration ideas with branches!

Door decoration in warm colors would warm up the mood on the cold days

Make tree branches with yellow flowers themselves

This golden door decoration almost looks like an architectural detail!

Natural gifts with golden and silver spray door decoration

The intensity of the colors can turn the door decoration into something special at Christmas

Make original door wreath yourself in brown, purple and red

A very simplex and at the same time original arrangement characterizes this door wreath

Door decoration for Christmas various natural gifts

Branches and cardboard deco make this vintage rustic door decoration

Wooden door wreath with white decorative figures

Neutral flowers that stand out so beautiful – a DIY deco for the whole year!

Door wreath with plants in bright pastel colors
Door wreath with white accents in front of blue wall
Door wreath itself make of straw

Such a great interplay of Mettalic and blue accents shows this DIY decoration

Door wreath itself make silver shades
Playful idea for door wreath for Christmas
Citrus fruits DIY Christmas decoration

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